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Rockwood Roo 21SS Hybrid Trailer

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Floorplan - 2019 Rockwood Roo 21SS

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2015 Rockwood Roo 21SS
Dave . of Spruce, NL with their Rockwood Roo 21SS
Thanks to Dave and Karen Koch from Spruce, MI. Have a great time on your maiden voyage this week!
-Dave | Spruce, Newfoundland and Labrador
2015 Rockwood Roo 21SS
Gary Wright of Westminister, CO with their Rockwood Roo 21SS
Thanks to Gary Franco for driving from Colorado to pick up his. Rockwood roo from hunter freeman! Happy camping!
-Gary | Westminister, Colorado
2014 Rockwood Roo 23SS
James Nyenbrink of Winkler, NL with their Rockwood Roo 23SS
Ww Love our new Rockwood! We had a GREAT experience working with Chip & Amanda and the other staff at All Seasons. Now we are going camping =) For a deal like this, call Chip @ 231-303-1489
-James | Winkler, Newfoundland and Labrador
2016 Rockwood Roo 23WS
Paul Logan of Hesperia with their Rockwood Roo 23WS
Derek was great to deal with! Call Derek for a deal on any new or used RV today. 321.730.7967
-Paul | Hesperia