2017 Stryker 3010 Review(s)

2017 Stryker 3010 Review
2017 Stryker 3010
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After searching all over I found ED Geerlings on Ebay , his price for a 2017 new was a thousand below the used 2016 one at my local dealer !!!! No other dealer was remotely even close on his prices , drove there and from start to finish it was a absolute pleasure buying my stryker 3010 . I would almost rather jump naked into a pile of snakes than deal with the B.S. from a salesman at a dealership but Ed and especially MISSI MYS were just amazing ! No sales pitch of bull or upsale for more commission , Missi handled all the paperwork for me like a champ ! Every time something caused a issue she had a solution and then moved on to the next thing with a smile . While they fixed all the money and insurance issues I was with the service guy going over my new camper , he went over every thing then helped set up my truck hitch too ! Way above the call of duty , I simply couldn't be happier with my my purchase and the folks there ! Thanks for everything Jimmy Rice, North Carolina
from Halifax South Carolina
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