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Wrap Your Gifts With Homemade Gift Wrap

Between decking the halls and fa-la-la-ing, there’s so much to do around Christmastime! The holiday season, while incredibly fun and festive, can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast who loves going the extra mile! You’ve found all the perfect gifts, now it’s time to wrap them! We’ve saved you the trouble of scouring the internet for gift wrap inspirations. Here are some of our favorite ways to wrap your gifts with homemade gift wrap!

The Paper

Since I’m sure most of you aren’t blessed with the skill to make paper, you’ll have to rely on already-existing paper! For the sake of the environment, look around the house and see what you already have! A popular gift-wrapping style is using plain brown paper, and instead of paying $5 or more for a roll of plain paper, look to see if you have any brown paper bags! It’s a bonus if you can find a bag that has printed holiday designs on it! All you’ll have to do is cut and wrap! Bags work just as well as big rolls of paper, and it's a perfect way to upcycle! Keep an eye out for these other useful wrapping materials:

  • Scrapbook paper -Fun designs give presents a unique look!

  • Maps - This is perfect for RVers or the travelers on your gift list!

  • Construction paper

  • Sheet music - This adds a sophisticated touch to any gift and is especially great for music lovers! Attach jingle bells for embellishment for a perfectly melodious present!

  • Scarf - Use one you no longer want, or include a new one as part of the gift! Take things one step further and DIY a scarf! Double presents!

  • Extra fabric - If you have extra fabric scraps sitting around, or have a crafting materials hoarding problem, use some of that fabric to wrap presents with!

  • Upcycle old clothes - Fashion sweater pieces into gift bags, old flannels for festive wrapping, or men’s dress shirts for wrapping men’s gifts (hit up the thrift store if you don’t have anything extra)!

  • Food storage containers - Gifting food this year? Dress up food storage containers with festive embellishments so that your treats stay fresh and safe, but still look fabulous!


If you take the route of plain paper, you may feel the need to dress it up a bit with some designs! These can be fancy, adorable, and totally doable! Try out these fun ideas:

  • Use a white marker on solid-colored paper to draw fun designs, patterns, cartoons, or whatever your heart desires!

  • Use stamps (or carve your own from a potato) and stamp designs onto paper.

  • Washi tape- What can’t you use washi tape for? Get an array of festive colors and play around with fun patterns and create neat designs!

  • DIY light strand design - trace a few black lines crossways across the gift, cut out small bulb shapes from colored paper, and attach in a pattern along the lines for charming Christmas lights, or use stamps, or have kids use their fingerprints!

  • Reindeer gifts - wrap your gift in brown paper, then glue two black poms toward the top for eyes, one red pom in the middle for a nose, and trace out two antlers for a Rudolph-inspired gift! If you’re giving a series of gifts, use another black or brown pom for the nose for the other eight reindeer!

  • Santa - Wrap your gift using red paper, then cut out two or three black circles for buttons, a long black strip for a belt, and a white or yellow square for a buckle! Perhaps Santa should wrap his presents like this so kids know exactly who the gifts are from!

  • Bunting - Bunting is a popular decoration for just about anything, so craft some festive bunting with colored or scrapbook paper, and thread through with colored string or twine!


There are probably a million different ideas out there for gift embellishments, and what you use is totally up to you! If you’re really conscious about design and conflicting patterns and colors, that will be something to keep in mind when choosing decorations for your gifts, if you would even like them at all! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Natural embellishments - Use artificial, natural-looking decorations for a rustic vibe for your presents! Include berries, pine sprigs, pinecones, etc.

  • Twine - If you’re wanting to go the rustic route, use twine instead of ribbon for charming decoration!

  • Bows/ribbon, garland, tinsel - There’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic! Use ribbons and bows to create a classic look, or give your gifts a wow factor with shiny tinsel or neat garland!

  • Ornaments - Attach decorative ornaments, like bulbs, snowflakes, etc. onto your gift to give it pizzazz!

Gift Tags

Whether you have completely decked out your gifts with designs and embellishments, or have chosen not to decorate at all, the final addition of a gift tag will make your presents perfectly complete! Try out these unique designs:

  • Photo gift tags - Add a photo of you and the gift’s recipient to your gifts, which adds a nice personal touch, and there definitely won’t be any confusion as to whose present is whose! You could also add photos of landscapes, landmarks, or anything at all for a nice, artsy touch!

  • Paint chips - If you have extra paint chips laying around, cut them into festive shapes and write the recipient’s name on it! Cut green tones into Christmas tree shapes, colored ones into ornaments, or just use individual square chips for a simple pop of color!

  • Personalized ornaments - Visit a specialty store, or visit the kiosk at the mall that always seems to pop up this time of year, and get ornaments with the names for each recipient, which turns gifts into double gifts!

We hope that all these ideas on how to wrap your gifts with homemade gift wrap has inspired you to get creative this holiday season! Your loved ones will be wowed at the effort you put into making your gifts look fancy! What are your favorite ways to make homemade gift wrap? Leave us a comment to share your festive ideas!

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