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Why RVing Is Good For Your Health

The RV lifestyle isn’t just an adventurous one, it’s actually a remarkably healthy one too! RVing has tons of positive effects on your body, mind, and spirit. But don’t just take our word for it. Hit the open road and feel for yourself why RVing is good for your health!


Having a healthy body is a gateway to mental and emotional health. RVing promotes an active lifestyle that encourages healthy habits, which result in real and lasting impacts on your overall physical health.

Physical Activity
So many health issues today stem from living a sedentary life. RVing encourages you to get active because it promotes the naturally active outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re walking the hiking trails, hitting the bike paths, playing beach volleyball, or simply gathering firewood, there are so many outdoor activities that get you moving. Hiking is actually said to improve your antioxidative capacity, which can reduce your susceptibility to cancers. When you’re RVing, there are so many ways to stay active, and many of them are so fun that you don’t even realize you’re getting a workout!

Eating Habits

RVing can help you break a lot of unhealthy, home-based eating habits to give you a fresh and nutritious beginning! You might think that RVing would temp you to frequent fast food restaurants along your journey, but remember that when you’re RVing, you always have your kitchen with you! Farmers' markets, orchards, and produce stands can supply you with succulent seasonal fruits and fresh veggies that you can transform into healthy and delicious meals. And when you eat good, you feel good!

The Outdoor Cure
When you spend more time outside, you spend more time around trees, which means more oxygen, and that can have very beneficial effects on your body! Research suggests that spending more time outside can improve your blood pressure and digestion, in addition to giving your immune system a boost. If that isn’t enough of a reason to pack up your RV and head out to the woods, spending time outside also means you’ll spend more time in the sun, allowing you to soak up more vitamin D too!


Being healthy isn’t just about being in good shape and eating the right foods, it’s about being mentally healthy as well! RVing doesn’t just work to promote a physical lifestyle, it aims to give your mind opportunities to heal and flourish as well.

Better Sleep

It may seem like sleeping in an RV would lead to a restless night’s sleep, but the RV lifestyle can actually help you sleep better! When you sleep away from artificial light, you give your circadian rhythms an opportunity to reset and regulate your internal clock, which will make you feel less groggy in the mornings. Florescent lighting can actually alter a person’s melatonin levels which help to control sleep and wake cycles. So, spending more time in natural light will help you to feel more refreshed in the mornings!

Digital Detox

RVing gives you the perfect opportunity to disconnect from technology and unplug from attention-dominating devices, which is rare in our seemingly always-connected world. No matter how interesting your phone may be, the very best of life happens right in front of you, so if you’re looking down at a screen, you’ll miss it! Taking a break from technology can help you to better understand the negative effects of always being plugged in, not just on your mind, but on your body and spirit too.

Intellectual Stimulation
There are challenges to the RV lifestyle, especially if you’re a first-timer. But these obstacles are actually beneficial to you in the long run because they stimulate you intellectually and challenge your brain. Once you’ve conquered new challenges, you’ll boost your self-confidence, levels of resiliency, problem-solving skills, and the expectations that you set for yourself in the future. RVing promotes interactions with others as well, which can also be intellectually stimulating. Socializing not only extends your lifespan, but it can delay memory issues too, keeping your mind sharp and on point longer.


The mind and body connection wouldn’t be complete without also including and addressing the spirit. RVing promotes spiritual wellness because it encourages you to seek destinations of solitude and peace, so that you can focus on what is important to the soul.

Relieve Stress
RVing can help rejuvenate you from the demanding routines of daily life. Everyday stresses take a toll, but giving yourself time to pursue enjoyable activities can help reduce your stress levels and maximize your happiness. RVing is a relaxing pastime that gets you closer to nature, and many studies have indicated that just staring at trees can reduce stress-related hormones! RVing lets you take a break from the hectic and fast-paced world so that you can spiritually recharge and renew yourself. After all, it is pretty difficult to feel stressed when you’re taking in the beauty of a peaceful forest or soaking up some sun on a warm, breezy beach!

Improve Mood
So, if RVing relieves stress, it will inherently improve your mood as a result. When you spend more time in the sunlight and fresh open air, it evens out your levels of melatonin, therefore reducing feelings of depression, and it stimulates serotonin levels to improve your overall mood. Similarly, connecting intimately with nature without outside distractions promotes mindfulness, which is a practice that radiates positive effects on all areas of a person’s life. RVing helps you re-connect with a simpler way of living which will give you a more enhanced perspective on your life.

Meaningful Bonds
RVers are more than just ritzy nomads, they are a growing community of people who are always eager to accept new members! RVing promotes meaningful social connections, and research shows that these strong bonds can actually help you live longer! When you’re interacting with diverse populations and differing groups, you are exposed to novel perspective and new insights, which can help to evolve your way of thinking. RVing also lets you get closer to those in your traveling party, giving you the chance to make valuable memories that you can fill your scrapbook with!

Don’t underestimate the health-promoting power of the RV lifestyle! Instead, do yourself and your health a favor and go RVing this summer!

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