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Why Aren't Prices Posted?

“Where are the prices?” is something we hear a lot from customers who are browsing our inventory online! You'll notice that we don't list our prices online and this is for a number of good reasons. We’re going to let you in on why we do this!

The price of an RV is affected by a lot of factors, including a possible trade-in offer, different option add-ons, and the many discounts we offer! Because these items vary greatly depending on the RV and the customer, any price that we would post would be wrong. We don't want to hear that a potential customer was discouraged from buying an RV due to a posted price that may not be accurate. So why not just show a base price and note that discounts and other factors may affect the price?

We work very closely with our manufacturers and are proud of our good relationships with them. Working closely with them allows us to offer you our best deals. Our physical location near our manufacturers matters too! Since we’re just up the coast of beautiful Lake Michigan from them, we get amazing delivery prices! Between our deals and the low delivery prices, we’re able to pass along great savings and unbeatable deals to our customers. If we advertised this pricing, many of our competitors would not be able to compete and would go out of business. To prevent this, the manufacturers have us sign a contract stating that we will not post the prices online for most of our new models.

Here at All Seasons RV we enjoy working closely with our customers and getting to know them. We want to get to know you and your family and help to guide you in making your RV decision! This personal connection and service are what makes us one of the best RV dealerships in the nation! Come in and see us today or check out our inventory online. Just click “Request Nation’s Best Price” on the RV you’re interested in and an RV specialist will contact you with more information!

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