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What Makes You A Snowbird?

We live in a culture that has such a desperate need to put a label on everything, and our travel tendencies are no different. If you're the type that tends to pack up the pop-up for just a few days at a time, you're labeled a 'weekend warrior.' If you're the type to frequent five-star RV resorts, you're labeled a 'glamper.' Our obsession with assigning labels and locking people into categories doesn't seem to be ceasing anytime soon, so let's take a look at what these words mean, starting with one of the more common, yet confusing labels: the snowbird. So what makes you a snowbird? Find out below!

You Migrate With Wheels, Not Wings

Although it might sound like some arctic bird or frost-tolerant fowl, snowbirds actually have nothing at all to do with finches, owls, or geese. The term snowbird actually applies to people. Specifically, people who travel with the season by migrating from colder climates to warmer ones. Like birds that fly south for the winter, snowbirds are people who drive south, often in an RV, with the intention of returning back to their home state once the snow clears and the sunshine returns.

You Flock To Where It's Warm

Typically, snowbirds have a permanent home in northern regions where they are close to their families or cities of origin, but once the temperatures start to drop, they seek out warmer climates. The most popular destinations lie along the sunbelt states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas. RV parks in these regions become hotbeds for travelers retreating from freezing temperatures and falling snow. Typically, snowbirds return to the same southern location year after year. In doing so, they create a kind of second family by seeing the same familiar faces each new season.

You're Retired Or Free To Roam

A vast majority of snowbirds are retired folks, most often from the baby boomer generation. If not retired, these travelers might work seasonally for tourist-centric businesses that demand more workers in the peak season. Without being tied to one fixed location for a job or career, snowbirds are free to pack up and hit the road without having to notify a boss that they're going to be taking a few months off! But with great freedom comes great responsibility, like figuring out what to do with your mail, how to manage prescriptions, and packing for departure.

You Return To Your Natural Habitat

You're not a snowbird unless you return back to your home base once the summer starts again. Although many snowbirds transition into sunbirds once they choose to permanently remain south throughout the year, a true snowbird always heads back north after the winter passes. Evidence of this annual migration is apparent in aerial views of southern RV parks, dubbed 'white cities,' whose landscapes are covered with the white tops of RVs during the winter months, and then immediately disappear once the summer starts and everyone heads back home.

You're Probably Healthier and Happier

Among similar demographics, those that fall under the category of a snowbird report better ratings of both health and happiness. While it's no secret that the RV lifestyle is good for your health, migrating with the season may have the same benefits for very similar reasons. In addition to avoiding any seasonal affective disorder, snowbirds stay active with community-wide activities like the oh-so-popular pickle ball, and their social lives are also dramatically enhanced too! Instead of worrying about slipping on ice or shoveling their driveways clear, snowbirds trade in the hassle of winter for a carefree season of sunshine and sea breezes, where the only ice they have to worry about is the cubes floating in their refreshing sangria! Being a snowbird is a label most of us would feel lucky to have, and getting it is as easy as picking out a rig, packing it up, and heading south once the weather turns cold. If you're ready to experience a life of endless summers, browse our selection of new and used RVs to find your perfect winter retreat! Are you a loud-and-proud snowbird? If so, let us know what you think is so uniquely special about your migratory lifestyle by leaving us a comment!

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