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Tips For A Good Night's Sleep In An RV

The thrill of RV camping is the ability to travel virtually anywhere and expand your horizons for adventure! But for some, experiencing different surroundings and being in an unfamiliar environment can make it hard to get a decent night’s sleep. From bedding that you’re not used to, to the hustle and bustle of campgrounds, sleep doesn't always come easily. Here are some useful tips on how to get a good night’s sleep in an RV!

Better Bedding

RV beds aren’t always as comfortable as we’d like them to be, and they usually don’t even come close in comparison to your home’s bed. This can be a huge reason why you’re not enjoying a restful night’s sleep! A few different tweaks to your RV’s bed can make a world of difference in helping you drift off (and stay) asleep!

Mattress Upgrades

If your mattress isn’t as supportive as you’d like, there are several solutions you can try! Add foam padding under your mattress for more cushioning against hard surfaces, or use a memory foam mattress topper for a softer cushion that also conforms to your body! If your mattress simply won’t cut it, a total mattress replacement could fix your comfort conundrum!

Pillows and Blankets

Other important components to a fulfilling night’s sleep are using comfortable, supportive pillows and a nice bedspread. Uncomfortable pillows can lead to neck and body pain, which can make it more difficult to get comfortable in your bed the following nights. A soft, welcoming bedspread can also be soothing, especially if you’re trying to suffer through a night with scratchy, uncomfortable blankets. Buy new items, or bring them from your home, as you know they keep you comfortable, and can also be soothing with the scents of home! This is also a good strategy to help keep younger kids relaxed while camping.

Keep Noise Levels Down

If you’re sensitive to sound while you sleep, campgrounds can be something of a waking nightmare. Sounds from highway traffic, curious critters, and noisy neighbors can be enough to ruin your bedtime routine. Even the simple sounds of nature will bother those not used to it! Thoughtful planning and preventative measures can help those who can’t sleep because of unfamiliar sounds!

Campsite Placement

Careful planning when choosing your campsite can make a world of difference for a great night’s sleep! For minimal noise pollution, scope out a site away from the front entrance, where traffic is almost constant. Also avoid areas near playgrounds, pools, bathrooms, near the beach, next to the main roadways, or by a main walkway. Some campgrounds have great features that show a picture of each site so you can get a great idea of what your site will be like before you reserve. If you’re arriving to a campground where you can pick your site as you arrive, you can choose a site away from these troublesome spots, as well as one away from obnoxious group sites.

Invest in a Noise Machine

If noises persistently bother you, look into purchasing a noise machine! These come in a wide range of different soothing noises that can block out bothersome background noise and can help you drift off more easily!

Keep Wild Animals Away

For campers who are more skittish and not accustomed to nature, the scuffling of nosy critters can be off-putting, and even frightening. Admittedly, a bear trying to claw its way into your camper to find food doesn’t exactly inspire tranquility! Always be sure to properly put away food and cooking items, dispose of trash properly, and don't leave clothing laying around that you wore while cooking. These tips on what to do when camping in bear territory will help to keep bears and other intrusive animals from destroying your campsite while looking for food and keeping you awake with all the racket!

Other Useful Tips

There are plenty of other measures you can take to get a good night’s sleep! Here are some other tips to try:

  • Experiment with handy accessories like Eye Shades and earplugs to help block out unwanted light or sounds! Lanterns or nightlights are helpful if you aren’t comfortable with total darkness in a strange place.

  • Keep your regular bedtime routine that you go through at home to keep a sense of normalcy.

  • Wear appropriate bed clothing. Whether it's sweltering or on the chillier side, dressing appropriately will help to keep you at just the right temperature. Take advantage of your RV’s heating and cooling systems as well, and always check the weather forecast before your trip!

  • Wear yourself out during the day! You’ll have less opportunity to think about what’s bothering you as you’re falling asleep if you’re tired out from an action-packed day.

  • Make good use of your bedroom TV, or add one if your RV didn’t come standard with one. Sometimes watching the screen can make you feel sleepy, and will allow you to concentrate less on environmental sounds.

It’s important to get a good night’s sleep while camping in your RV so you can make the most out of your fun travels! These tips will help to keep you relaxed and adapt to unfamiliar environments! What other tips or tricks do you use to fall asleep in new places? Comment to share your ideas!

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