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Tips and Tricks To Keep Your RV Looking Its Best

Your RV is your home away from home, and keeping it clean is important to ensure your RV’s exterior lasts for a good, long time. To help you maintain your home-on-wheels, here are a few RV washing tips.

How Often Should I Wash My RV?

While the frequency of washes depends on several factors, including how often and where you travel, it’s a good idea to wash your RV regularly. This is especially true if your RV is made of fiberglass, since its exterior will contain a gel-coat that can become discolored if grime is allowed to accumulate. An annual all-over cleaning is recommended to keep your gel-coat pristine, but there are other instances when a quick wash may be needed.

Obviously, if you’ve been trundling through mud, you’ll want to hose down your RV, but you’ll also want to give your RV a quick cleaning if you notice a lot of bug splatter. Traveling down the highway, you’re likely to catch a few bugs on the windshield, and while that may not seem like a big deal, this exposes your RV to acidity that can wear away the gel-coat. A quick rinse can save your RV’s exterior from future damage.

What Products Should I Use When Washing My RV?

Microfiber products are popular cleaning tools, but you should avoid them if your RV is made of fiberglass. Microfiber can scratch the gel-coat, leading to deterioration over time. Softer materials like lamb’s wool mitts will let you clean without damage.

Now, about soap: If your RV’s exterior is metal, dish soap can serve just fine, but it can strip away the gel-coat if your RV is fiberglass. A great alternative is a mixture of baby shampoo and distilled vinegar. The shampoo is gentle enough not to harm the gel-coat while the vinegar gets to work cleaning your rig.

Regular RV cleaning can seem like a lot of work, but putting in them time now can keep your RV in top shape for longer. Your RV takes care of you on the road, so make sure you return the favor.

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