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These Doughnuts Make Campers Go Nuts!

Half the fun of camping is trying out new and delicious recipes over the campfire! Whether you’re trying out that tasty Pinterest recipe, finally getting around to trying one of our scrumptious camping cooking ideas, or simply winging it with your own creations, cooking over a campfire is a fun challenge. These doughnuts satisfy that craving for a delicious, fresh-baked breakfast or a sweet snack. The taste of sweet cinnamon sugar makes campers go nuts!

My mom used to make these doughnuts for the family in our little countertop deep fryer, and boy were they good! It never occurred to me that these could easily be made over the campfire too. They’re certainly perfect for mornings where you don’t feel like cooking up an extravagant meal, and they're worlds better than store-bought doughnuts too! Just be sure to pack up these ingredients in your RV and enjoy.



  1. Bring oil in your cast iron pot (about two inches of oil will do) to a near boil without achieving a rolling boil. The oil will be at the perfect temperature when bubbles begin to form. This is important, as overheated oil will scorch the dough!

  2. If you want fluffy doughnuts, slice each biscuit in half. If you want thick, doughy doughnuts, leave them as is.

  3. For each doughnut, punch a hole in the middle to give your treat that classic doughnut shape. The cap to the bottle of oil will work wonderfully!

  4. Carefully place 2-3 doughnuts in your pan, and deep fry until each side is beautifully golden brown. Repeat until all your dough is fried.

  5. While your doughnuts are frying, fill your paper bag with a sufficient amount of cinnamon and sugar so that you’ll have enough for each doughnut.

  6. As you remove each cooked doughnut, place them on a plate covered with paper towel to allow excess oil to drain off.

  7. After you’ve let the oil drain off for a few seconds, immediately pop doughnuts into the paper bag of sugar and cinnamon, roll the top over, and give your treats a good shake to cover them with the mix. Do not wait too long to do this step, as the moisture of the oil is what helps the cinnamon sugar to stick!

  8. After the doughnuts have been sufficiently coated, remove them from the bag and enjoy!

How did your campfire doughnuts turn out? These oh-so-delicious treats will drive campers nuts, so make sure you make up a big batch so that there’s enough to go around! I know my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

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What other toppings would you include on your tasty campfire doughnuts? Powdered sugar? Glaze? Chocolate frosting and sprinkles? Leave us a comment below with your mouth-watering suggestions!

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