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The Grand Adventures Of Extreme Hammocking!

Looking for a new way to spice up everyday adventure activities? The past few years have seen a surge in hammock usage with anyone from hikers and campers to even those just hanging out (literally) in the backyard enjoying some chill downtime. You’ll be hard pressed to wander around a campground this summer and not find at least half a dozen hammocks set up. Are you ready to take hammocking a step further? Experience the grand adventures of extreme hammocking and take relaxation to insane new heights!

What Is Extreme Hammocking?

Instead of hanging up your hammock between two trees, extreme hammocking entails running a line between two cliffs, across a valley, or otherwise suspended in some sort of extreme way. Really, “extreme” in this case varies between people, but as long as it involves something more thrilling than lounging a couple feet off the ground while suspended between two trees, some may consider it extreme. And coming from a girl who gets anxiety from trying to get into big patio hammocks without flipping over, it may not take a lot for some to classify hammocking as “extreme.”

Extreme hammocking can be as simple as stringing up multiple hammocks stacked on top of each other between two trees, or a hammock suspended between two boulders in your favorite national park. Found a cool bridge? Set up hammocks underneath it! You can find all sorts of awesome places to set up and experience a thrilling hangout, as long as safety is a priority!

In its most intense forms, extreme hammocking involves suspending between two cliffs, usually with multiple people hanging from one very sturdy line. It’s definitely not a venture for the faint of heart; one of the main qualifications includes feeling comfortable while relaxing from a fabric swing hundreds of feet off the ground. While that’s a big “NOPE!” for some people, it’ll have braver souls packing their equipment!

This isn’t a sport for beginners, and if you’re afraid of heights, a simple Google search may have you dry heaving at your computer (guilty) when you see just how high these adventurers go. But there is simply no denying that the views are nothing short of gorgeous!

What Equipment Is Required For Extreme Hammocking?

While you might say that obviously you’ll need a hammock for extreme hammocking, you’ll need more than your standard tie-ups to enjoy this sport safely. You’ll want to have items such as:

  • Carabiner clips

  • Heavy duty ropes (like climbing rope)

  • Super-duty line/rope (if suspending over a vast space)

  • Gloves

  • Safety helmet

While a regular hammock will do the trick, other extreme hammock enthusiasts take it one step further and make their own. Space nets are large, hand-woven “hammocks” which are suspended over heights using multiple lines. These can be large enough to hold several people, and fairly open-air, allowing you to see straight down to the ground. They kind of look like big, colorful spider webs, which is quite the sight to see suspended in the middle of a canyon! This is next-level extreme hammocking, and isn’t something you encounter every day!

Where To Go For Extreme Hammocking

First, we here at All Seasons RV would like to stress that extreme hammocking is not a sport for beginners, and should not be attempted for the first time on your own! Unless you have performed several suspensions before with trained and experienced people, it’s a highly dangerous activity to mess up. Your best bet is to locate a local club with people who know the ins and outs of extreme hammocking and can show you the ropes (pun!) on how to safely and successfully pull off a suspension.

Once you have some experience, you and your group can explore different destinations and hang out together in some of the most beautiful locations in the world! There are great opportunities virtually anywhere, especially in places where rock climbing is also popular, such as Colorado and Utah. If you want to take things international, Italy hosts the Highline Meeting event in Monte Piana, or head to South Africa for the Rocklands Highline meetings, where you’ll meet people from all over the world who share your passion for thrilling adventures!

Are all you thrill seekers out there ready for some extreme hammocking? It’s sure to be a grand adventure of a lifetime, so if you can handle the heights and are ready to chill out, locate your nearest club or association and find out how to get started!

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Have you tried extreme hammocking before? We’d love to hear about your experiences, so leave us a comment to share!

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