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Statues in the Park Game

When you head out to go camping with a group, part of the fun of being out in the middle of nowhere is the bonding opportunity available. Whether you’re going with your family or a group of friends, don’t pass up this time to connect with those you care about! One way you can do this is by playing the Statues in the Park Game.

These days we tend to rely way too much on technology to connect with others. Texting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting ... it's never ending. We need to stop talking through our devices and start connecting in person! Camping gets us out in nature and frees us up to play games and have fun with our family and friends--in person!

There are several of the Statues in the Park Game and you can even modify the ones below to make it even more personal or fun depending on who you’re playing with! No matter what version you choose or create, you’re sure to have a lot more fun than sharing selfies on your phone.

Tag Version

This version is similar to the red light, green light game, but with less warning! You’ll need at least three people to play, but the more you get involved the more fun it is! Find yourself an open area where you can put a decent amount of space between the group and one other player. The one by himself or herself is the curator, which is the keeper of the museum. Here at this museum the statues come to life, but only when no one is looking. Kind of like a mix of Night at the Museum and Toy Story. The curator will stand with their back to the rest of the group who are the statues. While the curator has their back to the statues, they can move but when the curator turns around, the statues have to be still. The object is that the statues need to race to the curator and tag him or her first. The first person to tag the curator is the winner and then becomes the curator for the next round. If the curator turns around and catches a statue moving, they must go back to the starting line!

Art Dealer

This version of the Statues in the Park is more like a charades game! Here you choose an art dealer and a customer, and then everyone else is a statue. You’ll need at least four people to play this game. The dealer is attempting to sell the statues to the customer but these are no ordinary statues. These statues have the ability to become whatever you want them to be! When the customer wants to purchase a statue, they tell the dealer what kind of statue they’re looking for (such as an elephant). The statues then must all morph into what the customer wants and they then choose the best statue. This statue then becomes the customer, the customer becomes the dealer, and the dealer becomes a statue.

Drama Version

With this version, you’re setting a scene. This one is great for big groups of people. You will need at least one judge, and then two teams that will consist of at least three players each. Two people on each team are the statues. The judge will give the players a theme, such as dancing. The team players that are not statues must then position the statues to showcase the theme. The judge will then decide which is best. You can add in props and other things you find laying around as well to make it more fun.

All these versions of Statues in the Park are great fun and will likely result in a lot of laughter. Unplug your devices and plug into nature and relationships by participating in actual conversation and physical activity. You’ll be surprised at just how good it will feel to free yourself of the electronics!

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