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It's inevitable! We've all found ourselves in need of something to sit on so that our bums don't get soaked or muddy from the wet ground. How many times have you sacrificed a fleece blanket or cotton sweatshirt to sit on to avoid having wet pants? Well, suffer no more with this fun, easy project you and your kids can do together to ensure that you never have wet bums again! Follow this great step-by-step guide to make handmade waterproof sit-upons to take with you anywhere! Made of a waterproof shell and filled with a soft padding, this sit-upon will become a much-loved and used camping supply by your family. The built-in carrying strap means you'll never have to leave it behind because your hands are full.

Materials Needed

Waterproof material, such as vinyl
Batting or some other kind of padding
Darning Needle
Hole punch
Strong ribbon or strap material

How To Make It

Step 1: Cut the vinyl into a 30 x 15 rectangle and fold it in half. If your vinyl has a decoration on it, make sure it’s on the outside.

Step 2: Cut the batting into a 13 x 13 square and put it inside your vinyl.

Step 3: Punch around the vinyl on each edge about ½ inch apart.

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon about an arms length folded in half. Punch the ends of the ribbon ½” apart just like you did with the outside of the vinyl.

Step 5: Thread the darning needle with the string, and use a whipstitch all the way around to sew the vinyl together. As you go, choose the side you want to be the top, and sew the ends of the ribbon to it near the corners.

Wasn't that one of the simplest projects ever? And these will actually get used a lot! Sit on them when enjoying campfire cones around the fire, watching your kids play on the beach, while fishing on a bank, at sporting events, or just out in the yard when you're playing a game or reading. Not only will they keep your pants dry and clean, but they'll add a little extra comfort when you're sitting on hard ground or bleachers. The vinyl material makes them a breeze to clean! If you notice dirt on yours, just wipe it off with a baby wipe or wet paper towel. Good as new!

Depending on how long you want these to last, purchase materials at the dollar store or fabric store. If you only intend to use it once or twice, go to the dollar store and pick up a vinyl table cloth or shower curtain for the outside material. Then use newspaper for the padding. Easy, inexpensive, and useful! Who doesn't love this kind of craft?

Have you made a sit-upon? If so, what materials did you use? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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