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You've made it to your travel destination, and after a long ride you are ready to get out into the sunshine and enjoy some family time. But it’s raining! What do you do? You channel your inner artist and you scrapbook! With a knack for journaling, and a scrapbook, you my friend can become a “Scrapper!” Scrap about your roadtrip, an exciting event, or your family’s vacation … the possibilities are endless as soon as you pick up that book and your favorite color pen. So let’s get creative together and take the dive into the wonderful world of scrapbooking!

Seasoned scrappers will tell you where to go to find various stickers and glitter to decorate your pages with, but the truth is you can find the coolest stuff to put in your scrapbook right outside your RV's door! Grab a leaf! Or maybe a seashell! Pick up a cool piece of tree bark. Using different items from where you have stayed on a vacation is an excellent way to preserve the memories of that place. Along with your special trinket, you should write a small paragraph. Add a little blurb about what this place meant to you, where the leaf is from, or your favorite family memory from the trip. And what would a scrapbook be without some pictures? Snap away, fellow Scrapper! The leaf, a photo, and a story … that sounds like the perfect memory page!

Now, you might be wondering, Do I need a theme for my pages? Some pages may scream, “We went to the beach!” or, “Today, we went fishing!” and others will just be your family’s smiling faces. What kind of theme could tie this together? What about happiness? In the journal blurb on this page, you could write about the best things that happened on that particular day. Make it fun! Tell your favorite stories. As you are putting together each page, make sure to use similar colors. This will help tie everything together and make the scrapbook very easy to look at. The colors will draw you in!

Staring at your newly made page, you think it’s wonderful, it’s bright, it's creative, but something is missing! You have your photos, your blurb, and a special trinket from the day. What could you have missed? Aha! The title. Every memory page should have a title that is consistent with your theme. Some perfect examples of titles are: Walking on Sunshine, Beach Day, Sun Kissed, Enjoying Life, Family is my Treasure … the possibilities are endless. Get creative with your titles! And remember, there is no wrong answer when it comes to scrapping.

When you are finished scrapbooking and you just can't scrap anymore, you will have a wonderful memory book to look at later. Something that you made yourself … something to be proud of! Scrapbooks are so much fun to look at years down the road. Even though life is always changing, one thing that will never change are your memories captured inside a scrapbook!

Have fun on your next adventure! Take lots of pictures, take in every moment, and happy scrapping.

If you're in need of another rainy day camping activity, bring along a few supplies so you can make some beautiful Mason Jar Oil Lamps that will cast a warm glow around your campfire.

How do you like to remember your trips? Share your ideas in our comment section!

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