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RVing Millennials: Why Young People Hit the Road

Millennials are among the most tolerant, ethnically diverse, and globally conscious generation yet, and the purchasing power they possess has breathed new life into the RV industry! Perhaps millennials are flocking to RVs as a way of reliving youthful memories of camping with family, or maybe RVing is just a practical and affordable way for them to move out of their parents' houses. Either way, RVing millennials are on the rise, so let's take a look at why young people hit the road!

Millennials Make Their Own Luck

Born in the age of wildly successful start-ups, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well for millennials. The be-your-own-boss mentality allows for many of them to trade in the small space of an office cubical for the small space of an awesome RV! In believing wholeheartedly in their dreams and the potential they have to achieve them, millennials were practically tailor-made to take on the open road!

Millennials Are Eco-Conscious

Putting a profound emphasis on the importance of sustainability, preservation, and green living, millennials don’t just have a deep respect for nature, they have the desire to protect it too. The RVing lifestyle affords a practical way to harness eco-friendly resources like solar power, wind turbines, and composting toilets, making them very appealing to a younger audience. The ecological footprint of an RV is also minimal when compared to the impact of a residential home, and RVs are only becoming more and more energy-efficient as time goes on.

Millennials Love To Learn

After many millennials spent years in post-secondary education surrounded by walls, sitting in front of white boards, and being talked at by professors, they’ve graduated with a craving for a new kind of education. Millennials want to learn through experiencing life, not through reading about it in another college textbook. And the open road allows them to engage with the world, meet diverse groups of people, and explore new places!

Millennials Are Nomadic

In comparison to their Generation X counterparts, Millennials report far more interest in traveling abroad and taking risks for the sake of adventure. They’re less interested in stockpiling money to splurge in retirement, and more concerned with living to the fullest during the prime of their lives. Whether it's a vehicle to take to music festivals or a mobile office that lets them work and travel, RVs offer a solution that many wanderlust-plagued millennials are searching for.

Millennials Utilize Technology

As the most Internet-oriented adult generation to date, Millennials understand what a powerful tool the world wide web can be. Because they are quick to embrace technology, they are eager to put it to good use in their favor. As a result, many RVing millennials are able to earn a steady income working remotely. Additionally, their acceptance of the virtual world allows them to foster connections from a distance, so they can stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they decide to go!

Millennials Are Progressive

As self-appointed agents of change, Millennials refuse to lie down and accept the status quo. They haven’t adopted the same consumer-driven mindsets of previous generations, making them far less concerned with wealth, power, and excess and much more concerned with the quality of their life and the level of their happiness. Rather than being fearful of taking risks, they’re much more fearful of missing out on life by not taking chances. RVing gives them a practical avenue for pursuing their dreams of travel and living adventurously!

Millennials are paving their own paths by taking on the world at their own pace. Rather than follow in the footsteps of the generation before them and wait until retirement to take on the open road, Millennials are learning from past generations by embracing the RV lifestyle while they are young. They are making the conscious choice to spend the prime of their existence living out their dreams, instead of just spending their lives saving for them! Get in on the fun and join the army of RVing millennials taking on the open road in search of a more meaningful and more exciting way of life!

If you’re an RVing millennial, what made you decide to hit the road? Let us know in the comments so you can inspire others to do the same!

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