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RV Space Saver: Collapsible Kitchen Products

It’s no secret that unless your permanent home is a tiny house, RVs tend to have a lot less space than your average stick-and-brick house. And while that is something most people appreciate about RVs, it means that you’ll have to get creative when it comes to storage. This is especially true of your RV kitchen! Luckily, there are numerous collapsible kitchen products that are fantastic RV space savers!


These collapsible bowls come in all sizes so you can do anything from enjoy an easy bowl of cereal to meal prep containers and mixing bowls!

Measuring Cups And Spoons

Even though they sit inside one another, measuring cups and spoons take up a lot of space within drawers or cupboards! These collapsible versions will allow you the room to be able to bring along plenty of other useful utensils!

Pots And Pans

Perhaps the things that take up the most amount of space in your cupboards are big clunky pots and pans! Since these silicon versions fold down, you’ll have plenty of additional space in your already limited cupboards!

Water Bottles And Cups

If you don’t like wasting disposable cups and water bottles, you might want to bring along water bottles and cups. They sure take up a lot of room in the cupboards, however! Opt for collapsible cups and water bottles that will free up a lot of room in the cabinets!


Having a colander in your RV kitchen can be a great idea because it can have numerous uses while camping, but they take up a lot of valuable space! Go with a collapsible version and look at all that space you’ll save!

Food Storage Containers

Even when you’re in an RV you’ll want to store leftovers! One of the biggest pains of cupboard storage is the avalanche of food storage containers that spill out whenever you open a cabinet door! Collapsible food storage containers will cut down on the space they take up and can be kept neatly inside the cupboard!

Dish Drainer

If you have a decently sized sink or have enough counter space, you might think about bringing along a dish drainer. A collapsible version will take up less space when you need to pack up your gear!

Kitchen Sink

A collapsible kitchen sink can be great for a variety of uses around an RV! And the best part is that it folds down and can be store out of the way when you don’t need it!


If you feel like having a cup of tea, you can use a collapsible kettle to boil up some water! Unlike their bulbous metal counterparts, these foldable versions won’t take up a lot of space on the countertop or cupboard when they aren’t in use!


Funnels are a great and versatile tool that are useful in a variety of camping situations, but again, they take up a lot of space! Collapsible funnels are amazing and can actually fit inside drawers easily!

Camp Kitchen

Sure there are a lot of collapsible kitchen products, but what about the kitchen itself? If your RV doesn’t come with an outdoor kitchen and you’d like to do your prep work and cooking outside, you can get a collapsible camp kitchen that will easily fold down and be stored away when you don’t need it! Now that you have plenty of RV space saving ideas for collapsible kitchen products, you can increase your storage and organization efficiency! You might even have more space than you know what to do with! Have any other collapsible products that you just can’t live in your RV without? Let us know!

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