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RV Security - How To Hide Things In Plain Sight

RVing is a fun activity, and when you hit the road for adventures, you don’t want to have to worry about anything! You just want a carefree and fun travel experience! However, it is unfortunate that most RVs throughout the years have used a universal key for entry and storage compartment doors, meaning it is extremely easy for thieves to purchase keys that fit your RV’s locks and have unchallenged access to your possessions! Some RVs these days are equipped with keyless entry, but even so, it is a great idea to secure your valuable possessions and money, especially when you are full-time camping, bookdocking, or know that you are going to be leaving your RV unattended for long periods of time. Here are some great ideas on how to hide things in plain sight for added RV security!

Even if you’ve taken all of the other security measures like floodlights, upgraded locks, and an RV security system, there is always the possibility that an intruder can find their way into your RV. Some models come equipped with safes already in them, but most RVs don’t have that kind of built-in protection. Decoy safes are a great added security measure for your valuables. They’re inconspicuous and hard to detect, making them really useful! You can find plenty of great and sneaky ideas for these online, many looking identical to real everyday products like pop cans, canned foods, hair brushes, etc. Even if a thief would think to look for these, decoy safes are more difficult to detect, and as most thieves are looking to get in and out quickly, hiding things in plain sight will discourage them faster and they will leave without stealing a thing! These decoy safes can be a good DIY project to save some money!


With either a used or new stick of deodorant, pry off the top moving part with a small screwdriver or small tool. Wipe out the inside of the tube if you need to, then stash your money or small valuables inside and pop the top back on! There’s little chance that a thief will go rummaging around in your medicine cabinet!

Tennis Ball

Slit open the side of a tennis ball and squeeze your money inside. This one is very easy, and the slit is next to unnoticeable unless you squeeze the ball! Just be sure to keep it out of the reach of pets so nothing gets ruined!

Dirty Laundry

Admittedly, this idea is a little gross, but could be ultimately effective! Tuck your money in a particularly grubby and smelly pile of laundry to deter thieves, or in a stained and dirty article of clothing. The dirtier, the better, as we’re guessing that thieves will not be willing to rummage around though dirty clothes to try to find valuables!

Hollow Book

If you keep a book collection in your RV, this could be a great idea! Hollowing out a book provides a great place to stash money and valuables, and is extremely inconspicuous, especially since you are using a real book!

Decoy Canned Goods

This is a fairly common DIY out there, and it is fairly simple to do, although it takes a little more handiwork than some of the previously mentioned ideas. You can do this with canned goods, pop cans, condiment bottles, etc. With condiment bottles, such as mayonnaise or peanut butter, you could clean out the bottle and paint the inside to mimic the contents, and stash your money inside!

With canned goods, a great idea exists where you use a side opening can opener (this is important for a good, seamless lid, and is safer) to open the can up and empty out the contents. After washing the can out, being sure not to ruin the label (you want the can to appear unused), the idea is to find a jar that is smaller than the can. Glue the jar’s lid to the can’s lid that you removed, screw the jar onto the lid, and fill the can about halfway with plaster. You’ll then press the jar into the plaster and let it dry. Then you’ll be able to unscrew the can/jar lid and voila, you have a sneaky canned good decoy!

Get Creative With It!

These are just a few ideas of how to hide things in plain sight to help heighten RV security! There are plenty of possibilities for decoy safes out there! Use your creative prowess, and think logically about what would look inconspicuous to a thief! Do you have any other smart ideas for decoy safes? Comment to share your ideas!

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