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Record Your Adventures In A Travel SMASH Book

Calling all journaling enthusiasts out there! If you love recording all of life’s adventures, why should your travels be any different? Record your adventures in a travel SMASH book so you can reminisce about all the wonderful camping trips you’ve taken throughout the years! It’s a great keepsake for you and the kids, and is a great hobby to keep you busy! Here’s how to get started!

What Are SMASH Books?

So what exactly is a SMASH book? Simply put, it’s a way to take journaling to the next level! It’s best described as a blend between scrapbooking and journaling, so that all your memories are not only recorded with a text entry, but you can also decorate with photos, stickers, backgrounds, drawings, and so much more. It’s more interesting than a photo album, and more informative than a scrapbook!

You can transform your SMASH book into whatever you’d like it to be. K & Company, which sells the official SMASH Book, offers tons of different inserts like calendars so you can use your book as a planner too, stamps for custom pages, bookmarks, and endless other accessories.

How you decorate your SMASH book is up to you! Make your own inserts or custom pages using your favorite decorative paper, leftover scrapbook paper scraps, extra crafting decorations, or get really creative and craft your own decorations. You’ll find plenty of places that will sell unique SMASH book products, like sellers on Etsy who offer unique designs so you can customize your book exactly how you want it!

What To Put In a Travel SMASH Book

Now that you know what a SMASH book is, don’t you agree that it’s an awesome way to record your travels? If you love sharing the stories of your excursions, it’s the perfect way to show your friends and family all of the fun things you were up to on your trips! Make sure you take lots of photos, and hang onto any memorabilia you may accumulate while you’re out and about, such as:

  • Brochures

  • Postcards

  • Maps

  • Coins/squished pennies (I love collecting these!)

  • Stickers

  • Pins

  • Tickets

  • Receipts

  • Souvenirs/nicknacks

  • Programs

There is no wrong way to decorate your SMASH book! You can put literally whatever you’d like in your book so you can remember it forever!

How To Start a Travel SMASH Book

The Book

Although K & Company offers official SMASH books, you don’t have to use those specific folios! Any notebook will do the trick, and you can even put together your own notebook with handcrafted pages for a more rustic and homemade look. This gives you a little more leeway to design a book that meets your needs. If you appreciate lines or grids for more precise writing and decoration placement, you can include it in your notebook. If you want more decorative pages, use scrapbook paper or card stock for your pages!


Whether you want to go all out and include objects for a 3-D look, or just want to include some notes next to a picture, the beauty of SMASH books is that you can design them however you please! As mentioned before, collecting memorabilia from specific destinations provides awesome decor for your pages, but you can include anything you’d like!

Check out the scrapbook aisle at your favorite craft store for themed and decorative stickers that will go perfectly with your vacations! When I went on a Disney World trip in high school, I went absolutely crazy collecting Disney-themed stickers and inserts for my scrapbook, and because Disney is such a huge company with tons of products, I was basically in scrapbook heaven! You’ll likely find sticker packs for particular destinations, like theme parks, Las Vegas, New York City, California, or pretty much any major tourist destination or state. You’ll also be able to find an array of decor for different hobbies like camping and travel, as well as endless options for paper backgrounds and embellishments!


Once you have a page layout in mind, go ahead and include a little blurb about your adventure! This will allow you to remember details you may have forgotten over the years, and will allow your friends and family to get a little context about what was happening at the time and will explain why you included the items that you did. If you are a sentimental person who likes to reminisce about past adventures, be sure you write your thoughts and feelings down so you can experience it over and over again!

What do you think of this travel SMASH book idea? Decorate a few pages for each trip, or if you’re addicted to journaling, create a separate book for each major trip! No matter what, you’ll love having those memories to look back on fondly!

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Do you already have a travel SMASH book started, or are you looking forward to starting one? Leave us a comment to share your ideas, favorite destinations, page designs, or other tips!

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