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Must-Haves For Festival Camping

Isn’t festival season the best? There’s nothing quite like the buildup of excitement of heading out to get away from it all, while enjoying some of the best bands on the planet with a community of awesome people! It’s time to start planning your festival trips, including stocking up on camping essentials! Here’s our fantastic guide to the most incredibly useful must-haves for festival camping!

First Aid Kit

A fully stocked first aid kit is definitely an essential while festival camping! You’ll want to ensure that you pack both preventative and post-trauma products, which will be total lifesavers! Be sure to include items like sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, and hand sanitizer in your kit, which will help to prevent sunburn, bites, and germs! Aloe gel is a great remedy for burns and bites, so be sure to include that as well!

Cell Phone Power Accessories

Although many people use music festivals as a way of escaping the everyday and unplugging from the outside world, it’s still important to have a fully charged phone in order to locate separated friends, or in case of emergencies! A solar-powered USB charger is a fantastic item to bring along while camping, festival or not! It is especially great to have if you are staying in a tent, or in an RV without access to power hookups! Another great item to have is a power bank, in case you’re out in the festival and your phone’s battery starts to die. Always be prepared!

Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Ladies know just how inconvenient it can be when music festivals fall at the same time as that time of the month! There are some great alternatives out there that can help make things a lot easier! Invest in products like a Diva Cup, which can provide up to 12 hours of protection! Goodness knows it is an understatement to say that carrying around tampons and trying to change them in a porta potty after waiting a small eternity in line is less than ideal!


Having a strong light source at your campsite is a must at music festivals, so stock up on some lanterns! For an efficient setup, invest in some solar-powered lanterns that charge up in the sunlight while you’re out at the stages, that way they’ll be ready to burn the night away while you have fun back at camp! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring some LED lanterns as well, just in case!

Portable Speakers

Just because the stages are closed for the night doesn’t mean the party has to stop! A great speaker can provide hours of your favorite jams so the whole crew can bring the vibe back to your site! These are great to have even if you’re camping in an RV, as you won’t burn through reserved power trying to jam!

Comfy Chairs and Tables

Festival campsites are not like regular campsites, and don’t come provided with a picnic table. Be sure to bring along some sturdy, comfy chairs so you and your friends can take a seat and chill after a long day of festival fun! On that same note, bring some tables along too so that you have surfaces to cook or set stuff on!

Warm Sleeping Bag

Another great tip for festival tent camping: Bring a warm sleeping bag! Temps can drop fairly low during festival season, even in the desert, so be sure to have a high-quality, heat-retentive sleeping bag to keep you insulated and sleeping soundly!

Canopy Tent

One of the best things to invest in for festival camping is a canopy tent! These provide much-needed protection from the sun, and can keep you dry in light rain! Trust us, you don’t know how much you’ll miss the shade until it’s gone! String up some tarps to help further protect yourself from the wind and other elements and provide some privacy from neighbors!

Ear Plugs

Chances are, your neighbors will still be going strong into the wee hours of the morning, and if you're ready to head to bed, this could be a bit bothersome! A great pair of ear plugs can be a godsend at festivals, so you can sleep despite outside noises! They’re also great to wear at the stages, especially if you’re a front row fanatic or get stuck next to the speakers!


A tip from just about any seasoned festival-goer would be to bring along an arsenal of wipes, especially when camping! There may be days when you won’t get to shower, so body wipes will be a lifesaver! Bring along some bathroom wipes for better refreshment, or go one step further and bring your own toilet paper, because there’s no denying that porta potty toilet paper sucks! As we mentioned before, you’ll definitely want to bring along some hand sanitizer!

Don’t get caught at your next music festival without these awesome must-haves for festival camping! These items will help keep you safe, comfortable, and enjoying your time so you can make the most out of your festival experience! What other items would you never go without while festival camping? Comment to share your tips!

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