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Most Comfortable RVs For Winter

While most RVers embrace the snowbird tradition of heading south once cold weather starts to creep in, for some, the RVing adventures continue year-round through sunshine and snow alike! But when it comes to withstanding frigid winters, some RVs are better equipped than others at keeping campers warm and happy. So if the departure of summer didn't scare you southward and you still want to RV through the cold months, we've complied a list, by trailer type, of the most comfortable RVs for winter. Check them out and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered scenes while staying warm and cozy the whole way through!

Best Motorhome For Winter RVing

Our Pick: Jayco Redhawk 26XD This compact 28' 3"-long motorhome can seamlessly transition from warm temperatures to cold temperatures, allowing you to travel through any season comfortably! The holding tanks are heated with 12V pads to ensure that they don't freeze, and thick bead foam insulation reinforces a cocoon of warmth. As you're sipping hot cocoa on the sofa or snuggling up in bed, a powerful 31,000 BTU furnace with a wall thermostat and auto ignition will help to keep you nice and toasty no matter what the temperature is outside! A 42 lb. propane tank and an Onan 4,000-watt MicroQuiet generator give you added protection against the cold.

Best Fifth Wheel For Winter RVing

Our Pick: Jayco Eagle 327CKTS This fully-loaded fifth wheel comes with everything you need to last through the long haul of winter's worst weather. A high-BTU output furnace is supplemented with warmth from a 5,000 BTU electric heater. The fully-enclosed and heated underbelly provides an added layer of protection against the chill, and an interior ceiling fan allows you to heat your unit more efficiently. The Eagle 327CKTS comes with Climate Shield™ zero-degree tested weather protection which includes double-layer fiberglass batt insulation and double-sided radiant barrier insulation. PEX plumbing is featured throughout which is much more resistant to freeze-breakages that traditional copper or plastic pipe. With this winter-ready fifth wheel you can watch the snow fall outside of your optional dual pane glass windows while enjoying the warm ambient heat radiating from your cozy LED fireplace.

Best Travel Trailer For Winter RVing

Our Pick: Forest River Windjammer 3008W With a unique front kitchen design, this quality-crafted travel trailer is a lovely RV to take along on winter adventures! A Maxxaire® ventilation fan and vent cover help to reduce any condensation buildup, while a floor-ducted furnace and optional fireplace help to release heat throughout the interior. An awesome feature of the Windjammer 3008W is the option for a heated mattress which means even if there's a blizzard outside, you'll stay warm and toasty beneath your bed sheets. For added protection against the chill, you can upgrade to thermo-pane windows. This travel trailer comes standard with electronically controlled heated holding tanks to prevent damage from freezing, and floor-to-ceiling insulation to add an impenetrable shield against frigid temperatures.

Best Toy Hauler For Winter RVing

Our Pick: Jayco Seismic 4114 Load up those snowmobiles and hit the trails with this adventure-ready wintering machine! A Climate Shield™ insulation package comes standard, as does an auto-ignition 40,000 BTU furnace with a digital thermostat. Heated and insulated basement storage comes with insulated baggage doors so even the equipment you put in your exterior compartments will stay protected from the frigid temps! The garage floor is insulated with 2" block-foam insulation, while the rest of the unit is wrapped with high-performance tech-foil insulation. To increase energy efficiency, you also have the option of having thermal-pane safety glass windows or upgrading to the extreme weather package. After you get done tearing up the trails on your snowmobiles, head inside this toy hauler to thaw out beside the electric fireplace. As you relax you can enjoy the high-end sofa that comes with heated massage! Don't let blowing snow scare you from experiencing the beauty of RVing in the winter. It is possible to enjoy the cold months in the warm, cozy oasis of your well-heated and insulated RV! If you still want to try cold-weather RVing without upgrading to one of these comfortable RVs for winter, you can also try out these ideas for making your current RV more energy efficient in the winter! Stay warm, my friends! Have you ever gone winter RVing before? If so, tell us about your rig and how you prepared for the cold temperatures by leaving a comment!

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