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Mini Medicine Cabinet Hacks - Make The Most of Precious Space

RVs are a small space and that means you have to get creative to fit everything you need in them! The medicine cabinet is one of those spaces where it’s crucial to use every millimeter possible! Here are some mini medicine cabinet hacks that make the most of precious space.

Use the Door

Utilizing the door to hold things is one way to add space to your medicine cabinet. This is going to take some simple modification but nothing a little glue won’t be able to handle. One way to do this is to add a magnetic strip to the inside of the door. This will allow you to stick things like bobbie pins, tweezers, and other metal things to it.

If you want to go even further, you can make little pockets in the door with vinyl fabric and some glue like they did over at the Peapod Journal. This way you don’t have to depend on the item being metal to use the door space.

If you want something that is a little more specific to the things you’ll be storing, you can get this kit that comes with different sized organizers that stick to the inside of the door. If you like this idea but don’t want to invest the money with the kit, you can use pieces of PVC to make them yourself.

Shelves and Organizers

Often times medicine cabinets will have a lot of vertical space, but most of what we put in them has to lay horizontally. You can use this vertical space by adding in extra shelving. Use organizers to stand other things up like makeup brushes, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, and eye pencils.

Make Space Elsewhere

Sometimes to create space in the medicine cabinet, you have to put less in it. You can make space for some of the bigger bulkier items elsewhere in order to get it out. Hang a wire basket in the corner out of the way and you can store items like bottles of peroxide, contact solution, and shaving cream in it to get them out of the medicine cabinet.

If you have a linen closet or a vanity with under sink storage, you can add additional shelving here as well. You can also add things like shoe organizers that hang on the back of the door that will allow you to put items like medicines, bandages, bottles of things like antiseptic, cans of hair spray, etc.

Move the Medicines

While you always want to keep prescription medications in their bottles so they can be easily identified as yours, you can put other OTC items in smaller containers to make them easier to pack and take with! You won’t need a whole bottle of ibuprofen (at least we hope not) so only take with you what you need! Get a med organizer and repurpose it! You can create compartments for each type of med such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, allergy medicine, sleep aids, and antacids. Then just tape part of the label from the bottle or package to the outside of each compartment so you can see what’s in it. If you decide to do something like this with prescription meds, make sure to take photos of the labels on the Rx bottle. This way if you’re questioned by an officer, you can prove the medication is prescribed to you. This is especially important with narcotic type medications and other “controlled” medications.

Space saving is important no matter where you are, but an RV demands organization for functionality. RV life is much more enjoyable when you’re not stressing about what goes where and how to fit it. What are some things you do to make the most of your medicine cabinet space?

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