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Michigan's Adventure

Two parks for the price of one! You get an amusement park with tons of rides and games, as well as a water park with slides and wave pools! What more can you ask for when you’re looking for a great time? Check out Michigan's Adventure for high-flying roller coaster thrills and fun water park spills!


In 1956, Deer Park opened in Muskegon, Michigan, and the thrills were of an animal nature. It was a petting zoo. It offered visitors a chance to pet and feed the resident deer! You could also see animals such as monkeys, llamas, and ducks. Within two years they added a train that would take visitors on a tour of the park. Twelve years later in 1968 it was renamed Deer Park Funland after an exciting addition was added. A roller coaster called The Cork Screw was installed and took riders upside down on two different loops for a hair-raising ride! This was just the beginning of what is now known as one of the best amusement parks in the state of Michigan. In 1988, Deer Park Funland was renamed Michigan's Adventure. Slowly rides took the place of animals, and the crowds flocked to it. A waterpark was added in 1991 and Cedar Fair Entertainment, which also owns Cedar Point and Kings Island, purchased the park 10 years later. The park has been growing in size and rides ever since! It’s now sectioned into two parks, Michigan's Adventure and Wild Water Adventure, for double the fun at one low price!


Roller coasters are what draw the crowds to amusement parks! Michigan's Adventure is home to seven different roller coasters that all have something different to offer. As you wander the park and look up at some of these massive coasters roaring past you, you can feel the rumble of excitement! The Corkscrew The original Corkscrew coaster that was built in 1968 is still there and still a favorite ride of many! It’s not a long ride, but it sends you upside down through two different loops at 45 mph! The height minimum for this one is 48” tall. Wolverine Wildcat This was the second coaster built here and it is made of wood. As it climbs higher and higher and creaks along on the track, you might regret your decision to jump on board. It’s perfectly safe though! This one doesn’t take you upside down, but it does send you around the track at 55 mph and even through a dark tunnel! This one also has a 48” height requirement. Mad Mouse Don’t let the cute design of this one fool you! It’s a doozy! It’s a monorail-type coaster that takes you 68 feet up in the air and when you come to the sharp turns, the track disappears from view in front of you. It can make you feel like you’re going to go right over the side and then you turn at the last moment! To ride alone you must be 48” tall, but if you’re at least 44” you can ride with an adult! Shivering Timbers Another wooden coaster, this one is the tallest in height! It takes you 125 feet in the air to a 122-foot drop reaching speeds of 65 mph! This coaster is voted as one of the top 10 coasters in the world by Amusement Today every year! This one has a 48” height requirement, but we’re betting most kids will shy away from this one since it’s so massive! Thunderhawk This is the newest coaster in the park and is a little intimidating. Riders sit with their feet dangling, making them feel like they're suspended in air. If you have loose shoes or flip flops, you may want to leave them behind when you get on because chances are you will be barefoot by the end of the ride. This one has a 52” minimum height requirement and a 78” maximum height requirement. This one is 109-feet tall and sends riders upside down at 50 mph! Zach's Zoomer This is a great introductory coaster for kids. While there is a height requirement of 46” to ride alone, you only have to be 40” to ride with an adult. No major twists or turns and it’s much slower than most of the other coasters. This one is a great family ride! Big Dipper This is another great coaster for kids. It’s a metal coaster that has a height requirement of 42” to ride alone and 36” if riding with an adult. It resembles a wavy circle and is another great beginner coaster.

Other Rides

There are a ton of other rides in this huge park, including bumper cars, bumper boats, a carousel, and a giant gondola wheel. The Be-Bop Blvd is a ride where anyone can drive the little car around the track. This ride has actually been adapted from a ride that was originally installed back when it was Deer Park Funland called the Mutley’s Putt Putt Cars. Rides range in level of thrill from gentle and mild to extreme thrill! They even have a kid’s section!

For Children

For the young ones that are too little to enjoy the massive coasters, Michigan's Adventure has them covered too! They can take a ride on airplanes and flying elephants, drive go karts, ride around the kiddie car track, or zoom up in a helicopter. Then there’s everyone’s favorite, another ride that has been here a very long time, the motorcycles! Just about everyone from the Michigan area has a photo of themselves as a kid on one of these motorcycles.

Wild Water Adventure

Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen because you can spend all day at Wild Water Adventure and not get bored! With three wave pools, 8 huge water slides, and a lazy river, this area had something for everyone! There are even areas designated for relaxing and families as well! The family can play together at the Beach Party where you will find smaller slides, water guns, and a net to cross! For the little ones that are bummed that they’re not tall enough for most features, take them to the Half-Pint Paradise. This area has caves and small slides, and the best part is that no one over 48” can enter without a child in tow! This is their own special part of the park!

Camping in the Area

There are tons of campgrounds in the area where you can set up before heading out to the park! About 15 miles north in Montague you can find the White River RV Park and Campground. Here you can park an RV, set up a tent, or rent an RV or cabin! There are rustic sites as well as full hookup, pull-through sites. They offer modern restrooms with showers, a propane fill station, laundry room, and playgrounds for both kids and pets! If you want something a bit closer you can book a site at the Muskegon KOA campground that’s only about 5 miles away. Here you can find lakefront RV and tent camping, pull-through sites, and full hookups at some of the sites. They have a floating water slide and jumping pillow on the lake and offer free Wi-Fi! You will not regret planning a trip to Michigan's Adventure! This is a great destination for fun no matter what size group you have! So bring your swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and your adventurous side! You're going to need it!

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