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Make Your Own Frisbee Challenge Games!

While frisbees are great for tossing back and forth, playing glorified catch with a frisbee barely scratches the surface of what fun these flying contraptions are capable of providing. Don’t believe us? Just check out a couple of the DIY games we’ve highlighted below which will be the perfect accompaniment to any and all of your future backyard gatherings. So take your parties, tailgating events, and evenings at the campground up a notch by learning how to make your own frisbee challenge game and watch it quickly become a frontrunner as everyone's favorite outdoor entertainment activity!

Kid-Friendly Carnival Frisbee Toss

This frisbee-infused game puts a fun spin on some of the classic carnival games you’d see at fairs and festivals, making it perfect for those hoping to amuse and entertain little ones. Blending accuracy with audacity, this game proves that they’re never too young to start honing in on their frisbee skills.

How To Make:
In a large piece of thin plywood or thick cardboard, cut out slits of varying widths, making sure they are elongated enough for a frisbee to pass through. Prop your board up so it stands perpendicular to the ground. Assign point values to each of the slits, making the thinner ones worth more than the thicker ones. Decorate your surface by painting it according to a fun theme of your choosing.

How To Play:
Have players attempt to throw the frisbee through the slots in order to acquire the most points. Adjust the distance they must stand away from the board depending on their age and/or skill level.

Adults-Only Beersbee Backyard Competition

The best backyard games are played with a beer in hand and this frisbee competition encourages players to do just that! So before you start inviting over your buddies and stocking up on your favorite craft brews, take some time to craft this game while you’re still sober!

How To Make:
Take a 10’ section of 2” PVC pipe and cut it in half. On one end of your now 5’ piece of pipe make an angled cut using a miter saw. Do the same to your second piece of 5’ pipe. On the opposing ends of your angled cuts, attach 2” inside PVC couplings. To create your playing field, stab the spiked end of one of your poles into the ground. Stab in your second pole around 30-40’ away, or at any distance you desire. Balance an empty beer bottle on each one of the poles. Then pair up into teams of two and let the competition begin!

How To Play:
Players will stand next to their teammates and take turns throwing the frisbee at the other player’s bottle. Players must not cross in front of their pole when throwing or receiving the frisbee. If the bottle is hit, one point is awarded to the throwing team. If the bottle hits the ground, a point is awarded to the throwing team. If the pole is hit and the bottle is not knocked off but the frisbee goes uncaught, a point is awarded to the throwing team. First team to 21 points wins. For the best results, make it mandatory for all players to keep a drink in hand at all times!

Fun-For-All Can Jam Classic Frisbee Game

If you’re a frisbee aficionado, then the classic game of Can Jam is very familiar to you. Players young and old can enjoy this frisbee game, making it the perfect activity to have ready in your back pocket once someone says, “Well, what should we do now?” So be ready to turn any time into the time of your lives by making your very own DIY version of this iconic frisbee competition!

How To Make:
The best part of can jam is that it is so simple and cheap to make, and yet somehow so fun too. All you’ll essentially need are two outdoor-style trash cans. In both of your trash cans cut an opening about 5” down from the top. The dimensions of your opening should be about 12” L x 3” W. To set up your playing field set your two altered garbage cans about 40-50’ apart, or at any distance you desire. Then pair off into teams of two and take the field!

How To Play:
Teammates will stand at opposing cans and attempt to throw and deflect the frisbee into the can. The thrower launches the frisbee towards their teammate who will attempt to knock the frisbee into the can using only a single touch. If the frisbee is deflected into the side of the can, a point is awarded. If the frisbee hits the can without any assistance, two points are awarded. If the frisbee is deflected inside of the can either through the top or through the slot, three points are awarded. If a player throws the disc directly through the front slot without any assistance from their teammate, it is an instant win. First team to 21 points is hailed as the victor!

With these fun DIY frisbee games, a disc will quickly become a must-have item at every outdoor gathering you attend! What are your favorite frisbee games? Let us know in the comments!

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