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How To Survive a Weekend In Vegas

Looking for your next big trip? Viva Las Vegas! A trip to Sin City is one that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, so why not now? Pack up the RV and go! There's a little something for everyone here, from drinking and nightlife to gambling, fun shows, amusement parks, and so much more. If you're looking to return home in one piece, here's a handy guide on how to survive a weekend in Vegas.

Have a Plan

Before you ever step foot in Las Vegas, you'll want to have a plan that you can stick to as much as possible. Obviously, with RV travel you'll want to make your reservation at a campground well in advance, but while you're at it, take the opportunity to make other reservations if you know what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go. Some restaurants will take reservations way ahead of time, and try to get tickets to popular shows before you go too. There's nothing worse than a long wait that ends in bitter disappointment when you can't get into a place you were really looking forward to getting into.
If you're more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants vacationer, you can take a gamble (pun intended) with shows and stop by a Tix4Tonight ticket booth. These are positioned in various locations throughout Vegas and offer up to 50% off tickets for some of the hottest shows.

Pack a Lot Of Food

As with most vacations, you'll want to load up your RV's kitchen with tons of food. You'll save tons of money by eating in your RV as much as possible! On the other hand, the restaurants in Vegas are definitely part of the total experience, so plan on eating out a couple times and treat yourself. Just don't forget to pack some greasy breakfast foods and Gatorade for hangovers, as they're bound to happen!

Bring Your Own Drinks

We'll start out by saying that you should always drink responsibly. However, anything goes in Vegas, so let go and live a little! Vegas is fairly lax about their drinking restrictions, so you can drink outside as you walk down the strip. You can always pregame drink at your campsite in your travel trailer or fifth wheel, but depending on your mode of transportation and location, it could take up to an hour to get to the strip. Just be warned that you cannot have glass on the strip, nor can you drink while in a vehicle. You may want to check the rules of your transportation to know more about carrying closed containers with you. Check out this article for more information!

Know Where To Get Free/Cheap Drinks

It is a pretty widely known fact that many casinos offer free or ridiculously cheap drinks to those on the gambling floor, used as a way to draw people in to gamble. Keep in mind that not all casinos will offer this, and there may be restrictions as to what you can get, but when in doubt, ask when you order! If you want to relax and enjoy some cheap drinks, hit up bars and restaurants during happy hour, which is offered by countless bars around Las Vegas. Check out this helpful map, and be sure to double check the website for current happy hour information!

Bring Lots Of Cash

If you want to survive a weekend in Las Vegas without completely breaking the bank, be sure to get cash out before you get to Sin City and avoid the insane ATM fees! You'll end up spending way more money than you meant to, even if you stick to our original amount that you anticipated spending. If your RV has a built-in safe, like this Jayco North Point 387RDFS fifth wheel for sale at All Seasons RV Supercenter, you'll be able to keep your table winnings protected! Always be smart when carrying cash on you as you walk down the strip as well!

Know How Casino Games Are Played

One of the fastest ways to lose money is to not know how the casino games are played! The rules in Las Vegas casinos can differ from those of the smaller casinos elsewhere, so you'll want to know how to properly play before you start betting some serious cash! Some casinos even offer special classes during the day to teach you the basics, and might even throw in some comp cash to play with!

Be Smart About Transportation

Transportation can be a little hectic around Las Vegas, but try to think logically about what the best way is to get from one point to another. Unfortunately, you can't walk everywhere in Vegas, so you'll have to rely on transportation at some point. Unlike popular belief, not all taxi drivers are out to rip you off. Taxis can be a great choice with shorter wait times. If you're wary of drivers taking you on a longer route to run up the meter, look up the route on the phone and let them know which streets you'd like them to take.
Shuttles and public transportation are a great way to get around Vegas! The Deuce on the Strip and the Downtown Express are buses that run every 15-20 minutes to take you up and down the strip. There is also a monorail, free shuttles, and trams that transport visitors between hotels, so you can use those too. The downside is that there could be insane lines for these, so use your judgment to decide what's best. Also take this into consideration when choosing a campground so you'll know how easy it will be to get to the strip.

Know Your Limits

This is one of the most important and multifaceted tips we have to offer in order to survive a weekend in Las Vegas. Whether it's drinking, gambling, shopping, or eating, you'll want to know your limits. Since bars and stores can sell liquor 24 hours a day, it'll be easy to drink too much and stay up too late. It would be a bummer to oversleep and be too hungover to go out and explore, but if that's how you want to roll, we say have fun! Just don't put yourself into any dangerous situations by drinking too much.
It's also important to set a limit and not spend more money than you're willing to lose. Gambling is designed to be addicting and will tempt you to spend more money, but either keep a clear head about limits, or make sure you keep a responsible friend with you to help cut you off. The best way to make sure that you don't spend too much overall is to set budgets for every aspect of your trip, including food, entertainment, gambling, drinks, and anything else you plan on doing.

Explore More

If you plan to stay in Vegas for more than a weekend, make the most out of your Nevada RV adventure and head out to see the sights. Red Rock Mountain Canyon is a beautiful place to visit, with its lovely conservation area that features miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, and plenty of other activities. It even features a quiet, lovely campground with five RV sites— a nice contrast from the bustle scene of Las Vegas, which is only about 25 minutes away. The Hoover Dam is also about a 45-minute drive away, and if you're looking to make a total exploratory road trip out of it, head over to the Grand Canyon and it'll definitely be a trip to remember (well, part of it anyway).


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Riviera RV Park

This is a fantastic choice for a Las Vegas stay! This year-round campground, which offers electric, water, modern bathrooms, and all the great amenities you'd hope for, features an incredibly low daily rate and gives discounts to Good Sam Club members. It's pet friendly, close to the public bus line, and only a short drive to the strip if you're taking your car. Visit their website for more info.

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

If you're looking to say off the strip and desire a quieter, more relaxing stay, this luxurious RV resort is perfect for you! The grounds are gorgeous and patrolled for safety, and you'll enjoy full hookups, a convenience store, Wi-Fi, and more! Between the stunning ambiance of this park and it's proximity to Vegas, you'll want to book your stay now.
Ready for your Vegas trip? Just remember these tips and you'll definitely survive your weekend in Las Vegas! Save hundreds by forgoing a hotel stay and instead traveling with your comfortable RV from All Seasons RV. What other advice do you have for Vegas explorers? Leave us a comment with your suggestions.

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