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How To Properly Secure Your RV If You Happen To Leave Your Campsite

It’s a sad reality that you just can’t trust people like you used to. Sure, there are plenty of goodhearted, honest people out there, but there are also those who can’t refrain from taking advantage of a convenient situation. When out RVing, you’ll want to secure your items as much as possible, and deter possible thieves from taking your property, or worse, stealing your whole RV (it happens!). Although crime rates in campgrounds, parks, and other campsites are generally very low, follow this advice on how to properly secure your RV if you happen to leave your campsite and you’ll return to find all your belongings just like you left them!

Upgrade Your RV’s Locks

Most RVs come at a total disadvantage when it comes to security, as they tend to come with universal locks, meaning one key opens all the locks on your entire RV. What’s worse, the keys themselves are universal, so anyone else in the world with the same locks has total access to your RV. That just makes it way too easy for thieves!

Instead of giving the whole campground free range of your RV, swap out the locks for better after-market locks that use a unique key, that way it’ll be a lot harder for campground bandits to break in! You can even invest in an efficient keyless lock, which makes it pretty much impossible for would-be camping capers to make off with your prized possessions! After-market locks are easy to install and will make a world of a difference as far as RV security goes! Just be sure to double check that adding this lock won’t void your warranty. If you’re unsure, give us a call to make sure.

Aside from door locks, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some multipurpose and cable locks to secure loose items around the exterior of your RV. Bike locks work well for this purpose. You can secure anything including LP bottles, grills, bikes, camp chairs, and more. Some RVs, especially many of the toy haulers for sale here at All Seasons RV, come standard with the ToyLok anti-theft system, which is essentially a long cable lock that will secure a number of items to your RV!

Hitch Locks

While we’re discussing locks, you may want to take a look at a hitch lock. They’re available for both travel trailer hitches and fifth wheel hitches, and will prevent particularly zealous thieves from hitching up the whole RV and driving away with it. Sure, this is probably the worst case scenario, but it does happen from time to time, so if you’re setting up camp in a particularly iffy area, this could definitely be a good idea!

RV Security Systems

If you’re really concerned about theft, you may instinctively start looking into RV security systems. They come with some pros and cons, and in most cases are generally unnecessary. That doesn't mean that you shouldn’t invest in one if you feel like you want one! You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

There are a variety of different systems out there, from video surveillance and audible alarms to automatic flood lights and even a guard dog! Just take some time to consider the types of areas you tend to visit, crime rates in those areas, whether you’ll be close to a large city, or if you want some extra protection for your RV while its in storage. If you think that a security system is worth the money and will make a difference to protect your RV, go for it!

Tire Thieves Out

Even if thieves can’t make it inside your RV or nab loose items around your campsite, there are items they can, and will, get away with. Tires are definitely one of those things, making for a very unfortunate and expensive replacement on your part that you probably weren’t budgeting for on your RV getaway.

Make it a lot harder for tire thieves by putting a boot on your RV tires. This will stop criminals in their tracks! If you get boots that cover the lug nuts, there is absolutely no way for them to remove the tire at all. Take that, shady crooks!

Flip It and Reverse It

If you’re very serious about deterring thieves from stealing your whole rig, take matters into your own hands! Use a jockey wheel or tongue wheel to rotate your entire RV on your campsite, so that the front of your RV is facing the rear of the site instead of toward the road. This definitely isn’t the easiest or most practical way to protect your RV, and it may actually be literally impossible if you end up on a smaller, more cramped campsite. Save this as an absolutely last-ditch effort if you’re camping in a bad area and are very concerned that someone may make off with your whole RV.

Protect What’s Yours

Although theft or destruction of property are pretty rare at campgrounds, a little extra insurance coverage won’t hurt anything! That way, if a theft or damage does occur, you'll be covered for some or all of the property stolen or damaged. Shop around for the right plan for you, and be sure to notify the company anytime you add something of value to your RV to ensure that it will be covered.

Other Easy Tips To Secure Your RV

Close the curtains and/or blinds—Don’t give thieves a free preview of everything that’s available to be stolen inside your RV. Keep the blinds or curtains closed to reduce temptation.

Invest in a safe to keep valuables protected—Don’t make it easy for robbers to make off with your priceless prized possessions, or more expensive luxury items. Buy a safe, or take a look at our RVs for sale in Muskegon that have safes already built into the unit.

Leave the lights on at night—If you’re gone at night, leave the lights on inside your RV. Keep thieves guessing if someone is there or not!

Read campground reviews—Pictures can be deceiving, so instead of relying on a campground’s website for information, check Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or any other review site to see what others have to say about the culture of the campground and its surrounding area.

Trust your neighbors—Because the culture of camping is usually very welcoming and friendly, chances are you’ll have decent neighbors surrounding you. Good etiquette would be to keep an eye on neighbors’ property while they’re away, but it’s not an obligation so don’t assume it’s a foolproof plan to rely on your neighbors for security.

Leave super expensive or priceless valuables at home—If you’re just on a getaway and not full-time RVing, just leave your more valuable possessions at home. Thieves can’t steal what isn’t there!

Have you ever experienced RV theft or vandalism? Do you have any other tips on how to properly secure your RV if you happen to leave your campsite? Leave us a comment and let us know! Here at All Seasons RV, we take pride in offering a huge inventory of new, top-of-the-line RVs that feature some of these great anti-theft systems included as standard features, so browse in-store or online today so you can travel with peace of mind! Ask about our great extended warranties, which will offer even more protection! When you travel with an RV from one of the top RV dealers in Michigan, you’ll always be safe!

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