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How To Know If You're a True Outdoor Survivalist

So you've spent some time in the great outdoors and now you think you have what it takes to survive out there, eh? Put your skills to the test and see if you pass these prerequisites for becoming a true outdoor survivalist.

You've Mastered the Art of Fire Making

You don't bother reaching for that butane-infused Bic® lighter when it comes time to find a heat source. All you need is steel and flint, or good old-fashioned friction. Your fire-making skills are so developed that you know all the best kinds of firewood, and you can make a roaring inferno in any weather, wet, snowy, or otherwise.

You Think the Grocery Store Is Overrated

When it comes to providing yourself with sustenance, you don't need to browse aisles or buy packaged goods. You can find all your ingredients in the great outdoors. From hunting for mushrooms to purifying water, you head into the woods with an appetite and you walk out with your belly full.

You Have a High Respect For Mother Nature

Being a true outdoor survivalist isn't about showing Mother Nature who's boss, it's about showing her respect. You always make sure to practice good etiquette while out in the wild, and you preach the importance of leaving no trace behind. You cannot tolerate littering and all of your friends know it.

Your Home Is Wherever You Want It To Be

Nature's roughest elements don't stand a chance against your woodsy craftsmanship! From A-frames to lean-to structures, you can make a shelter in any environment or terrain, and feel right at home once it's complete. And your survivalist shelters look so comfy and cozy, that even the squirrels and raccoons get jealous.

You Know Your Corn Snakes From Your Copperheads

From deadly animals to poisonous foods, you have the know-how to make the distinction between what is safe and what is not. When it comes to identifying edible berries, you're a wiz. And when it comes to discerning dangerous snakes from their innocent doppelgängers, no one has a better eye for detail than you.

You Thrive With the Bare Necessities

Less is more to a true outdoor survivalist. You don't need to have all the latest gear and outdoor gadgets to flourish in the wild. You understand that there is something sacred about doing things the primitive way, and you think it's important to preserve the simple traditions of the past, even if there is an app that makes your task easier.

You Prefer Wild Havens To Wi-Fi Hotspots

You'd much rather be wandering through the untamed wild than browsing through the latest blog posts or trending topics. To you, Spam is nothing but a food with a good shelf life, and a thread is still something you keep in your survival kit for when you need to stitch up a wound or make repairs to your gear.
So now that you're aware of how to know if you're a true outdoor survivalist, let us know if you pass the test by leaving a comment. And if you've got any other qualifications of your own to add, let us know about those too!

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