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Grilled Campfire Waffle Recipes

Breakfast foods are high on my list of favorites. From eggs and hash browns to pancakes and bacon, there aren't too many foods on a breakfast menu that I don't like. Maybe it's because I have a sweet tooth, so I don't mind walking into work smelling like syrup. Or maybe it's because I love how my toast tastes after I've drowned it in runny egg yolk. Or maybe it's because having a hot breakfast reminds me of days gone by when I had time to enjoy an actual breakfast (not a cereal bar in the car) while reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. And one of my favorite childhood breakfasts was homemade waffles, right out of the steaming hot waffle maker. These are always a big hit with my kids when I make them on a Saturday morning, and now we've found ways to enjoy them while camping too. For these recipes, I leave the heavy waffle iron at home and use frozen waffles instead (because it's just downright easier), and they turn out just as scrumptious as the homemade ones. If your family goes bonkers for breakfast like we do, give these grilled campfire waffle recipes a try no matter whether you're just getting your day started or wanting to end it on a sweet note.

S'more Waffles Please

This is a fun twist on the classic s'more.


Frozen waffles (mini waffles)

Mini chocolate chips

Mini marshmallows

Whipped cream

Aluminum foil


    1. Warm your frozen waffles over the campfire by wrapping them in aluminum foil and setting them on hot coals. It'll just take a few minutes for them to be nice and toasty.

    1. When your waffles are warm, remove them from the coals and take them out of the foil.

    1. On half of each waffle place chocolate chips and marshmallows. Squirt a little whipped cream onto it too if desired.

    1. Fold it in half like a taco. Enjoy!

Stuffed Waffle Bowls

You can enjoy ice cream waffle bowls right at your campfire just like you would at your hometown ice cream shop on the corner. Check out your local dollar store for short plastic drink cups to use for these treats.


Frozen mini cinnamon waffles

Ice cream (various flavors)

Ice cream toppings (nuts, cherries, sprinkles, whipped cream, etc.)

Small plastic drink cups


    1. Just like you roast a marshmallow on a stick, slide the frozen waffles on sticks or a marshmallow roaster and warm them over the fire.

    1. Once warmed, place each one in the bottom of a small plastic cup. Press it down into the bottom to create a liner.

    1. Spoon some ice cream on top of the waffles and then add all the toppings you want!

    1. Grab a spoon and dig in!

PB&J Waffle Sandwiches

This waffle sandwich (or dessert!) is the perfect blend of melty, ooey gooey peanut butter and sweet jelly. Go ahead, try and resist!


Frozen waffles

Peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)

Jelly (any flavor)

Banana (optional)

Aluminum foil


    1. Tear pieces of aluminum foil big enough so you can wrap your waffle sandwich inside.

    1. Lay one waffle on a piece of foil. Top it just like you would a pb&j sandwich, adding banana if desired.

    1. Top it with another waffle.

    1. Wrap it up completely in the foil.

    1. Set it on hot campfire coals for just a few minutes so that the waffle can warm and the peanut butter can melt.

    1. Remove from the fire with tongs or an oven mitt, open slowly, and enjoy!

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

If you're like me, then you look forward to ushering out the hot, sweaty days of summer and welcoming in the mild weather of fall. The only thing that can make fall camping better is waking up to one of these delicious breakfast treats hot off the coals.


Frozen waffles

Apple cinnamon pie filling

Whipped cream if desired

Aluminum foil


    1. Wrap your waffles in aluminum foil and warm them over hot coals just enough that they're not frozen anymore and they're pliable.

    1. Remove them from the coals and spoon some apple pie filling onto half of each one.

    1. Fold them over like a taco and wrap them back up in foil. Place them on the hot coals so that the apple filling warms up.

    1. If desired, top each one with whipped cream once you remove them from the coals and unwrap them.

Give one (or all) of these yummy waffle recipes a try the next time you go camping and let us know how they turned out. We'd love to hear how you like them! Or, better yet, share pictures of you making them or enjoying them around your campfire on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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