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Flashlight Games

When you’re camping, you have both the perfect setting and the perfect tool to create a world of fun for kids! Kids love playing with flashlights in the dark, so why not make some fun games out of it? Pick up some extra batteries on your way to the campground and give these flashlight games a try!

Before you begin, it's a good idea to prep the area before you send your little ones off to run around in the dark. Make sure there are no large objects, such as sticks or rocks, that they can trip over and no holes they can twist an ankle in. Always be sure to play these games well away from the campfire. In fact, draw a border around the campfire that designates how far they have to stay away from it. Maybe make a few of these Mason jar oil lamps to illuminate your campsite so you're not completely in the dark.

Flashlight Hide-and-Seek

This is much like regular hide-and-seek but in the dark and with a flashlight! Kids get to choose who is "it", and that person gets the flashlight. The rest of the gang hides and the person who is "it" has to find everyone. The difference between this version and regular hide-and-seek is that they don’t actually have to chase anyone down and tag them to get them out. All they have to do is shine the flashlight on them and they've been found!

Capture the Flashlight

This game is a fun spin on Capture the Flag! You’ll need one flashlight per team to act as the flag! Make sure you can distinguish the flashlights from one another somehow just to be sure there’s no confusion (add a sticker or tag to one of them if they're exactly the same). The flashlights must remain on at all times and cannot be covered up by anything. The teams compete to see who can capture the other team's flashlight first!

Scavenger Hunt

Hide some items around the campsite while the kids are occupied playing one of the above games. Make a list of the items to be found and give each kid a list and a flashlight. This puts an interesting spin on the typical scavenger hunt and can even be fun for older kids and adults!

Letter Guess

Have your little campers get out their Sit-Upons and gather around for this fun game. Even though we've titled this game Letter Guess, you can really use a letter, number, or even a full word to make it more difficult for older players. Shine the flashlight on a surface and draw out whatever it is you want them to guess, such as the letter B. Once someone guesses correctly, they get the flashlight and it's their turn to spell something out!


Get out some music and get ready to dance! Pick someone to be it and give them the flashlight. Play the music and let the group get crazy, but when the flashlight is turned on, they have to freeze! Anyone still moving when it’s turned on is out!

Shadow Play

You’re going to need some clothesline and a sheet for this one! Hang up the sheet on the clothesline somewhere that you will have plenty of room on both sides for the performers and the spectators. Set the flashlight up facing the back of the sheet and have the spectators sit on the other side of the sheet. Have your little thespians act out a play on the back side so the spectators will see their shadows!

Tracing Shadows

This is a really fun thing to do for the kids that results in an awesome keepsake for the parents! Attach a piece of paper to a wall or flat surface and have someone stand in front if it. Set the flashlight up so that their shadow hits the paper. Then let the other kids trace the shadow. You can also do this with objects and pets, if they’ll sit still long enough!

Entertain Pets

We know of a couple goofy dogs that love to chase a flashlight beam. If traveling with your furry friend, shine the flashlight all around the campsite and watch him happily chase it for hours! Need a hole dug? Shine the light in one spot on the ground and watch your dog go nuts trying to dig at the light beam. Your pup gets to have fun and you get your hole dug without breaking a sweat!

Get creative with flashlights and listen as giggles erupt from your little campers! If you run out of games to play, just hand each kid a flashlight and let them go. They’re bound to come up with some sort of fun thing to do with it. Enjoy these Campfire Cones once all the silliness settles down and your campfire is still going strong.

Do you play with flashlights at your campsite? Share your fun flashlight games with us in the comments!

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