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Fabric Softener Hacks You Probably Didn't Think Of!

Fabric softener is great for preventing static cling and giving you soft, wonderfully-scented apparel, but they have plenty more uses outside of the laundry room! If you’re curious about how liquid softeners and dryer sheets can help make your lifestyle easier, check out these fabric softener hacks you probably didn't think of!

Leave Dirty Blinds Behind

The blinds in your new or used RV can become a hotspot for dust collection. To prevent this unsightly build-up, simply wipe each slat of your blinds with a fabric softener sheet. Doing so won’t just clean off existing dust, it will also create an anti-static barrier that keeps dust off.

Dog Hair, Don’t Care

We know how important it is for RVers to travel with their pets, and no amount of shedding could ever change that. But by wiping down your furnishings with a fabric softener sheet, you can eliminate pet hair so you and your canine can sprawl out on a clean, fur-free couch!

Freshen Up the Air

Fill the interior of your RV with the sweet scent of fresh linens or soothing lavender by attaching a fabric softener sheet to the back of a box fan. Once the fan is on it will disperse the aromatic smell throughout your travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or motorhome!

Clean Your Screens

Because TV and computer screens are electrically charged, they attract and collect dust. By wiping down your screens with a fabric softener sheet, you can reduce static cling so your screens repel dust and stay cleaner, longer.

Free Yourself of Frizz

On humid days at the campground, it can feel like your hair has a mind of its own! Control fly-aways and tame frizz by either wiping your head down with a dryer sheet or misting on some diluted liquid fabric softener.

Solve Stuck-On Foods

Struggling to scrub off this morning's baked-on breakfast casserole out of your Dutch oven? Make cleaning grimy pots, pans, and dishes easy by filling them with water and putting in a dryer sheet or adding in a few drops of liquid fabric softener. Let them soak for a few minutes and wipe them clean with ease!

Ward Off Musty Odors

By putting a fabric softener sheet in your wardrobes, drawers, or suitcases you can prevent them from developing musty odors, so every time you go to grab some clean clothes, you are always met with a pleasant, appealing aroma!

Keep Paintbrushes Pliable

Don’t let your paintbrushes go bad after only one use! After you’re done using them, simply soak them in a solution of water and a few drops of liquid fabric softener. This will prevent the bristles from becoming stiff and unusable.

Cleaning Power For the Shower

Struggling to eliminate soap scum or hard water stains from your shower door? Just soak a fabric softener sheet in water and use it to wipe down your shower door. The active ingredients in the sheet will soften the residue so you can remove it without any elbow grease!

Say Goodbye to Bug Guts

After long hours on the road, the front end of your brand new or pre-owned RV is likely to collect some bug splatter which can harden and become part of your paint job if you don’t maintain a regular cleaning routine. But by soaking a fabric softener sheet in water and using it to wipe off the bugs, you can have a sparking, spotless front end no matter how long it’s been since you last cleaned it.

With these ten fabric softener hacks, you can reuse dryer sheets and utilize liquid fabric softener to solve a whole new range of problems! Do you have any other fabric softener hacks to share? Let us know in the comments!

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