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DIY Putt-Putt Pumpkin Golf

Looking for a festive fall activity to keep your little trick-or-treaters amused this Halloween season? If so, then we’ve got just the project for you! This DIY putt-putt pumpkin golf game offers endless hours of entertainment, and the best part is it’s so simple and cheap to make! Here’s how:


  • Hollow plastic pumpkin (or, for a non-reusable option, a real pumpkin)

  • A carving knife, utility knife, or X-acto knife

  • A toy golf set (must contain a putting club and a few golf balls)

  • Strip of fabric or felt material (optional)


1. Using your knife, you’ll need to cut a jack-o'-lantern face into your pumpkin. The trick to this step is making the mouth long enough for your golf ball to be putted into it. Create a big opening for the mouth that is borderline flush with the floor.

2. Standing back a few feet from your pumpkin, line up your golf ball and try to hit it into the mouth of your pumpkin using your putting club. If you are playing this game with young children, you may want to put down a strip of fabric coming out of the mouth of the pumpkin to help guide the ball in.

This DIY game is perfect for kid’s Halloween parties, classroom events, or seasonal campground fun! If you choose to use a plastic pumpkin in lieu of the real thing, you can store your materials and have them ready to use year after year! If you’ve made this DIY putt-putt pumpkin golf game, let us know how your little ones liked it by leaving us a comment!

For another DIY project to keep the kids entertained once summer rolls around, check out this outdoor sponge ball battle! With these fun games, you’re sure to be the coolest mom in the neighborhood!

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