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Common Things People Do That Void Their RV's Warranty

In the market for a new RV, or have you recently purchased an RV from us here at All Seasons RV, and are looking forward to heading out with your RV for the perfect camping trip? Stop what you're doing and read this list of common things people do that void their RV’s warranty! As one of the best RV dealers in Michigan, we know that you work hard and deserve to live the camping lifestyle, so we are dedicated to helping you keep your RV looking like new for as long as possible! Find out what you can do to avoid voiding your warranty and travel with confidence!


One of the biggest downfalls of full-time RV living is that it voids your manufacturer’s warranty! The added wear and tear of the extra time spent traveling and living can really put a strain on your RV, and manufacturers just aren’t having it! Keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for your next RV! If this is a concern for you, bring it up to your RV specialist at the dealership who can discuss the parameters of the warranty, how much you should set aside for repairs in the future, and any possible alternatives that may help you out.

To The Frame Or Bumper

Want a surefire way to void your warranty? Attach something to its frame or bumper! Doing this will render your warranty null, and could cause damage in the long run if not done properly. The extra stress from items that are not originally intended to add weight to the chassis can cause pulling, bending, or breakage in some cases, and none of this would have occurred if the RV was in its original state.

Some items to avoid including or attaching are:

  • Bike racks (unless provided as an option from manufacturer)

  • Grill mounts (unless provided as an option from manufacturer)

  • Bumper boxes

  • Frame extensions

  • Any welding (including trailer hitches)


Looking to upgrade your RV’s walls? You may want to think twice! Adding a splash of color to your RV’s interior walls may brighten your space and get them exactly how you want them, but it’ll cost you to the tune of your RV warranty. The same goes for exterior graphics as well, as removing them and adding your own will cause you to lose coverage under your warranty.

If you love the layout of a certain RV model from All Seasons RV but aren’t crazy about the interior or exterior design, talk with your RV representative or use our spectacular custom build tool online to design an RV that is decorated exactly to your liking! Most new RVs offer multiple themes, patterns, colors, and materials for both interior design and exterior graphics to make your RV feel more like home, oftentimes without an additional charge!

Using An RV For

If you plan on using an RV for your commercial needs, be prepared to give up your warranty! Commercial use typically entails hauling around equipment and is used for purposes not originally intended for by the RV manufacturer.

This can tie into the last point made; if you’re using an RV commercially, you are probably going to want to customize the exterior walls to promote your business, which will void your warranty. Furthermore, loading up an RV with extra equipment can be damaging to the framework and other important systems, and the manufacturer won’t be held responsible for fixing that damage.

Damage From

This is a common thing that people do that will void an RV warranty, and is easily avoidable! RV warranties will not cover damage from neglect to your RV, including rust, fading on fabrics, stains, and more. However, with proper maintenance, you can stave off these effects, or avoid them altogether! Visit the “Your RV” tab in our blog section for a list of tips, tricks, and hacks to help clean and keep your RV looking like new for longer, and keep your camper within warranty for its duration!

When shopping for your RV with us here at All Seasons RV, be sure to ask us for more information on our incredible extended warranty options. A manufacturer’s warranty will only cover you for so long and will only cover so much; our extended warranties go above and beyond to keep your RV’s systems, appliances, and other components running like new—as long as you don’t void the warranty! Come shop our large selection of RVs for sale in West Michigan and choose the perfect camper for you at a fantastic low price!

Did any of these common things that people do that void their RV’s warranty surprise you? Hopefully this information will prevent you from making an expensive mistake and cost you more on your RV investment! Be sure to share this post with your RVing friends so that they’ll be in the know too! Just remember: When in doubt, consult your RV’s owner's manual, or contact us here at All Seasons RV before you make any modifications to your RV!

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