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Choosing the Perfect RV for Full-timing

If you're contemplating or committed to the idea of year-round travel, one of the biggest and most grueling decisions you'll need to make is choosing the perfect RV for full-timing. Making the right choice can feel so critical because the RV you pick directly impacts the RVing experience you'll have. So to help you in your quest to discover the perfect full-timing RV, we've compiled some information to help make the right choice more clear.

Assess Your Personal Tendencies

Although transitioning from a 'stick and brick' home to a small, portable RV is a big change, your personal habits and lifestyle tendencies are unlikely to change. As a result, you're going to want to factor in the following considerations:

    • Creature Comforts: Make a list of your must-have features and the luxuries you aren't willing to sacrifice in exchange for the RV lifestyle.

    • Space and Storage: Do you need a walk-in closet or will a wardrobe do just fine? Estimate your space requirements and an appropriate square footage for what you can comfortably live in. (Remember: there are a lot of creative ways to save space in your RV!)

Consider Your Tow Vehicle

Here's a riddle for you! What came first, the trailer or the tow vehicle? The answer - it's different for every RVer! Some opt for a non-towable motorhome which eliminates the worry of making sure your tow vehicle is compatible with your rig. If you're already locked in with your tow vehicle of choice, check out this post to determine what RV your vehicle can tow. If you don't already have a tow vehicle in mind, just find an RV that suits you perfectly and decide on a tow vehicle from there. When deciding, give consideration to what size rig you feel comfortable parking and maneuvering, and the gas mileage of course!

Anticipate Your Traveling Preferences

Although you haven't hit the road permanently quite yet, you might already have an idea or a vision for what your life on the road might look like. Having some clue about your traveling preferences can have a big influence on the rig you pick, so consider the following:

    • Places You'll Stay: The length of your RV may very well dictate the places you can stay. Decide on whether you plan on frequenting luxury RV resorts or rustic campgrounds. Primitive or remote campsites will call for a smaller-sized rig than five-star parks.

    • Where You'll Visit: Think about the climate and the landscape of the places you intend to go. Do you foresee drives up winding mountain ranges? Then make sure your rig has the moxie for it! Heading to colder temperatures? Better add-on that insulation package!

Know Your Options

There are a wide range of RV types, brands, and floor plans to pick from. While this can make choosing the perfect RV for full-timing seem more complicated, it also guarantees that there is a unit out there that meets all your unique needs! Find out what options are available below: Motorhomes
With Class A, B, and C options, you can find motorhomes in a range of sizes and styles. They are luxurious and don't require a tow vehicle. However, unless you plan on pulling a toad, this option will force you to pack up your rig for travel every time you want to venture or explore outside the campground. Our Top Pick For A Full-Timing Motorhome: 2017 Alante 32N Fifth Wheels
As the peak of towable luxury, fifth wheels offer the most space for full-time living. Many come with bunkhouses, master suites, and extravagant full kitchens. They are the closest you can get to residential comforts on the road. The downside is that they are large and require a powerful and hefty tow vehicle. Our Top Pick For A Full-Timing Fifth Wheel: 2017 Sequoia 38HRL Travel Trailers
Possibly the most versatile of all the RV types, travel trailers come in a range of sizes from compact single axle campers to spacious and souped-up big rigs. They are generally priced much less than a fifth wheel, making them a more affordable option, although when compared, travel trailers are also much less stable when being towed. Our Top Pick For A Full-Timing Travel Trailer: 2017 Shadow Cruiser 251RKS Toy Haulers
Offering fifth wheel builds as well as travel trailer builds, toy haulers are RVs that feature a cargo bay and ramp door used for taking things like ATVs, motorcycles, and golf carts along for the journey! As a bonus, these garage spaces almost always convert into additional sleeping and living spaces when not in use! Our Top Pick For A Full-Timing Toy Hauler: 2017 Stryker 2912

Budget and Financing

Unfortunately, even if you do narrow down the perfect RV for your full-time adventures, you'll still need to make sure that your perfect RV is right for your budget. For more attainable options, consider buying a used RV. There are plenty of ways to restore your rig so that it looks like new! When you purchase your future full-timing machine through All Seasons, we even offer easy financing services which you can conveniently apply for right through our website! Just complete the safe and secure RV Credit Application to get the process started. After a year or so of RVing in your rig of choice, you might find that another option would have been a better pick. This doesn't mean your decision was the mistake of an amateur RVer, only that you are a new full-timer who is learning about yourself while discovering what suits you best on the road. Trust us, after the stress of picking the perfect RV is over, you'll be able to kick back in your rig and enjoy all the healthy benefits of the RVing lifestyle! Start your full-time RV adventure today by checking out our selection of new and used RVs! Are you a full-timer? What RV works best for your mobile lifestyle and how did you make your decision? Let us know in the comments section!

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