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Camping Activities p. 2

We love writing about awesome activities to keep you busy and having fun around the campground! Check it out!

Lawn Scrabble Feature
Lawn Scrabble

If you have 8’ of flat outdoor space, you can create your very own Lawn Scrabble board in your backyard, at your campsite, in a field, or at a park.

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Flightlight Pointing Into The Night Sky
Flashlight Games

Pick up some extra batteries on your way to the campground and give these flashlight games a try!

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Compass And Old Paper With Illustration Of Kids Doing Scavenger Hunt
Orienteering Scavenger Hunt

A great camping activity that utilizes your natural surroundings is an orienteering scavenger hunt!

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Little Girl And Brain Stumpers Feature
Brain Stumpers

Caution! If you proceed your brain will be stumped! Enter with caution and have fun! Do you accept our challenge? Go and try out our brain stumpers!

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Scrapbooking 7

Let’s get creative together and take the dive into the wonderful world of scrapbooking!

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