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Camping Activities

We love writing about awesome activities to keep you busy and having fun around the campground! Check it out!

Tips for Staying Safe When Hunting This Season

Following the rule of SAFETY FIRST when hunting can literally save your life! This fall, put safety first by following these tips when hunting in the woods

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Feature 22
The Grand Adventures Of Extreme Hammocking!

Take your love of high-thrill sports to new heights and embark on the grand adventure of extreme hammocking! Will you be saying NOPE or packing your gear?

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Start Journaling Your Travel Adventures
Record Your Adventures In A Travel SMASH Book

Are your friends tired of looking at boring photo albums from your trips? Record your adventures in a travel SMASH book and wow them with your craftiness!

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Fat Tire Bikes
Pedal To Uncharted Areas With a Fat Tire Bike!

You've seen them around, but are you ready to try one? Peddle to uncharted areas with a fat tire bike! You'll be able to power across any terrain easily!

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Millennial Camping
Gear Up Millennials, It's Time to Hit the Road!

Hey millennials, gear up, it's time to hit the open road in search of adventure! Read on to learn about how your generation is changing the face of camping

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Winter Picnic
Winter Picnic? Of Course You Can!

When winter hits, a lot of us tend to head inside. But don't put away your picnic basket just yet. A winter picnic? Of course!

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Make Your Own Cornhole Boards
How To Build Your Own Set of Cornhole Boards

Get ready for summer by making your very own set of cornhole boards with this easy tutorial. Decorate it with your own unique design for a custom-made set.

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Everything You Need To Know About Winter Kayaking
Everything You Need To Know About Winter Kayaking

If you need a challenging new hobby to fill up your free time after the snow starts to fall, here’s everything you need to know about winter kayaking!

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Diy Winter Decorated Mason Jar Candles 1
DIY Winter Decorated Mason Jar Candles

Winter is coming! Embrace it by decorating inside to get into the season without the cold! Get started with these DIY winter decorated Mason jar candles!

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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Outdoor Science Experiments For Kids

Head to the backyard to give these outdoor science experiments for kids a try! Educational, kid-friendly fun has never been so easy!

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Adult Or Kid Friendly Frisbee Games
Make Your Own Frisbee Challenge Games!

Make your own frisbee challenge game and take parties, tailgating events, and evenings at the campground up a notch! Guaranteed fun awaits you here!

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Decorating Pumpkin Without Carving It
How to Decorate Pumpkins For People Who Aren't Into Carving Them

Here’s how to decorate pumpkins for people who aren’t into carving them! #3 is pretty cool and turns out different every time! Check it out!

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Kids Playing Putt Putt Golf With Jack O Lantern
DIY Putt-Putt Pumpkin Golf

Keep your little trick-or-treaters amused this Halloween by making this DIY putt-putt pumpkin golf game that offers endless hours of entertainment and fun!

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Stay Active And Healthy On The Road
Ways You Can Stay Healthy and Active on the Road

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to lead a stationary, unhealthy lifestyle. Learn ways you can stay healthy and active on the road!

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Group Of People Dancing Around Rainbow Colored Bonfire
10 No-Prep Campfire Games to Enjoy

Try out these 10 no-prep campfire games to enjoy on your next camping trip and get all the same fun without all the hassle of having to pack and prepare!

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Forest River XLR Boost Toy Hauler RV
Make and Decorate a Bug-free Drink Cover

Something wiggly just went down because a flying friend found its way into your drink! Keep them out when you make and decorate a bug-free drink cover!

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Little Girl Getting Hit By A Wet Sponge On A Hot Summer Day Large
DIY Outdoor Sponge Ball Battle!

Forget the water balloon fight this summer. Beat the heat by having a DIY outdoor sponge ball battle instead and you'll be the coolest mom on the block!

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Huksy And Man Skijoring Feature

Cross-country skiing meets sled racing in the sport of skijoring! This is a fun winter sport and a great way to get around in an area that has tons of snow.

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Statues In The Park Game Feature
Statues in the Park Game

This Statues In The Park game is super fun and can be played anywhere! Learn how to play here!

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Kids Sitting On Sit Upons While Outside

Here is a great step-by-step guide for your kids to make their own waterproof sit-upons they can take with them when camping!

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Lawn Scrabble Feature
Lawn Scrabble

If you have 8’ of flat outdoor space, you can create your very own Lawn Scrabble board in your backyard, at your campsite, in a field, or at a park.

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2019 RV Wars
2019 RV Wars