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Can You Mount Bikes On The Back Of A Travel Trailer?

Bike riding is a staple pastime of camping, especially for kids! Maybe you are a cyclist and want to take your bike along with you on the road, or maybe you're a more casual rider! There are many options for bringing your bike with you on your trips in your RV, but can you mount bikes on the back of a travel trailer? In short, yes, it is possible to attach a bike rack to the back of your travel trailer, but only in certain situations! These types of bike racks are typically bolted to your bumper for security. However, if your bumper is not welded to the frame of your travel trailer, or is made of a weak material, there is a good chance that you will lose your bike rack and bumper into traffic halfway through your trip, or cause some costly damage to your travel trailer. Even if a bumper feels secure, many still won't take the risk. Another factor to consider is that a bike rack that is attached to the rear of your travel trailer will add additional length and weight to the trailer. If you already have a particularly lengthy model, it might be more difficult to back up and maneuver, and if you have a heavy bike rack and bikes, it could alter the weight distribution of your trailer. Also, it is important to keep in mind the number and type of bikes that you are going to be transporting. Certain racks can only hold a certain number or type of bikes, so always make sure to double check the rack before installing! It is not unheard of for people to make their own custom-built bike racks that might somehow bolt into the siding of a travel trailer or RV, but there is the possibility of voiding your warranty if you are still under one, or creating damage leading to expensive repairs. Luckily, here are other options you have so that you won't have to drill holes in your camper!

Ladder Mount Rack

These types of racks will take the stress off of your bumper by allowing you to place your bikes right onto your travel trailer's ladder! While most models will fit most widths and lengths of ladders, you'll want to make sure that it will definitely fit before trying to install it! Ladder mounts can be handy, but there are a few restrictions that come with this type of bike rack. First of all, if your travel trailer does not come with a ladder, you won't even be able to use this option! If you're planning on bringing along more than two bikes, you will need to find another way to transport the others, as ladder mounted bike racks can only accommodate up to two bikes. Also, if you're a bit vertically challenged, or do not have great upper body strength, this might not be a great choice since it takes a lot of oomph to get bikes mounted up higher.

Trailer Hitch Rack

Definitely the most versatile of the bike rack options, this style can be mounted on either the back of your travel trailer, or on the back or front of your tow vehicle, if possible. The only limitation that comes with this type is that you must have a trailer hitch installed for this rack to work, as it uses a square trailer hitch insert. This style of rack can hold up to six bikes, adding to the versatility of trailer hitch racks!

Tongue Mount Rack

This type of bike rack sits on the tongue of your travel trailer, which is convenient because it is located between your trailer and your tow vehicle where you can easily keep an eye on your bikes to make sure they're secure! Another benefit of this design is that bikes are easy to load and unload, so this setup can take all the worry out of bringing your bikes along with you! Unfortunately, tongue mount racks aren't too commonly found in stores, so chances are you will have to make a custom rack. If you don't have some metalwork knowledge, this might be difficult to pull off, or you might have to go to a local welder to help you out! While you might have some difficulties finding the right bike rack in stores, some RVs come standard with built-in racks to haul along your bikes without the added hassle of having to custom build and install it yourself! Check out the Jay Feather by Jayco for a lovely RV that comes adventure-ready with a pre-mounted bike rack already built in! Choosing the right bike rack is a personal preference, when it boils down to it! Just keep in mind the type and number of bikes you'd like to carry, and how handy you are with installation and customization! Have any cool ideas for mounting bike on the back of a travel trailer, or creating custom racks? Leave us a comment!

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