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Best Hunting Spots Found In Michigan

One way to use your RV is as a hunting cabin! As fall approaches we’re coming into the hunting season and finding a great place to set up camp is half the battle! Take advantage of the best hunting spots found in Michigan! Just make sure you’re licensed and follow all the rules and regulations! Happy hunting!!!

Upper Peninsula

The UP in general has great hunting opportunities! Not only is it dense with forest, but the human population is lower than in most areas. Because of these reasons the wildlife love to call almost all areas of the UP home. There are a few specific counties that are better for hunting than others and they include Iron, Delta, and Marquette counties.

Iron County

Iron County is known for producing plenty of large bucks, including the Boone & Crocket Qualifier record held by Carl Mattson! In 1945 he bagged a 218.125” buck with a handgun and still holds the record today. Maybe you’ll be the one to break it! Iron County borders Wisconsin and is covered by a chunk of the eastern portion of the Ottawa National Forest.


Found near the center of the UP is Delta County. The Hiawatha National Forest covers a big portion of the county making it prime for wildlife! Not only is this great for wildlife, but it also makes for plenty of state land on which to hunt! Head out to Delta and you may just find the monster buck you’ve been searching for!


Also covered in plenty of forested area, including the Gwinn State Forest Area, is Marquette County! Just west of Delta, Marquette is another great hunting destination! It produces plenty of large bucks and finding state land for hunting is pretty simple!

Lower Peninsula

While the Upper Peninsula is prime for hunting, the mitten portion of the Great Lakes State has its sweet spots too! Surprisingly, a couple of these spots are further to the south! These areas include Lake, Oscoda, Washtenaw, and Jackson counties.

Lake County

With almost half of the area covered in forest, Lake County is a great spot to head out and get some hunting in! The number of deer that call the Manistee National Forest and Pere Marquette State Forest home are abundant. And with all this state land, you’re bound to find a great place to hunt! You’ll find Lake County under the pinky of the mitten shape, not too far from Lake Michigan on the western side.

Oscoda County

With part of it covered by Huron National Forest and another area covered by Grayling State Forest, it’s pretty easy to see why Oscoda County made the list! There’s plenty of state land you can hunt on and with all this forested area, it’s another preferred location for wildlife! This area is located on the eastern side of the state in what would be the pointer finger of the mitten, near the coast of Lake Huron.

Jackson & Washtenaw Counties

Jackson and Washtenaw are neighboring counties in the palm of the mitten below the thumb. Between the Pickney Recreation Area and the Waterloo State Recreation Area you’ll find ample deer scampering around! This area also has tons of lakes, rivers, and streams that provide a water source so the wildlife in the area love it!

Before you head out to any of these areas, ensure you’re in the proper season and you have the proper licensing for the animal and means of hunting. You don’t want to end up with a large fine for shooting at or with the wrong thing. You can find more info on the seasons and licensing information at the MI DNR’s page.

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