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Benefits of Waxing Your RV Roof

Just like any other area of your RV, keeping up on roof maintenance is important to make sure your RV stays nicer for longer! Regular cleaning and application of cleaners and even waxes can help to prolong the life of your RV’s roof! What are the benefits of waxing your RV roof?

First of all, it is important to know which type of roof your RV has. A lot of RVs have rubber roofs, while others have fiberglass. If you have a rubber roof, it is generally not a good idea to wax the roof at all. Most waxes contain high levels of petroleum distillates, which will not react well with the rubber of the roof. Some waxes contain a very small amount of petroleum distillates, and may be ok to use. However, a coloring agent found in rubber roofs is constantly oxidizing, so any surface protectants that are applied will probably wear off in a few months. The best course of action for rubber roofs is to use products that are specifically designed to clean and protect these types of material!

The Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of waxing your roof is that it reduces oxidation. Oxidation is when oxygen comes into contact with a material and starts to break it down over time. It’s the same process that turns pennies green and makes metal rust. Fiberglass roofs are especially susceptible to oxidation, which results in them feeling rough to the touch, they lose their shine, and a white powder will begin to flake off. If you find that your roof has a slight amount of oxidation, you can buy a cleaner/wax or a restorer/wax, which contain an abrasive that will help to smooth and polish your roof. If it has a more severe case of oxidation, you might have to purchase a special polish that will remove the oxidation.

Another benefit of waxing your RV roof is that wax helps to keep debris and dirt from accumulating on top of your RV. Wax can make these things slide right off in a lot of cases! It will make things like tree sap a bit easier to get off, which can be a real pain. Although, it is not ideal to get sap on your roof at any time, so you should avoid parking under sap-producing trees. This is especially important because waxing the roof of your RV makes it very dangerous to get up on your roof, as it will be very slippery, especially if there is any type of moisture up there.

Regular roof maintenance, including waxing, is good for preventing dreaded black streaks, if not making it easier to get them off your RV. Black streaks are a combination of soils, oxidation, and non-water soluble oils. They can be tricky to remove, but the application of wax to your RV roof can make the task a lot easier! With that same thought in mind, particular climates, especially ones that tend to be more humid, always have the risk of mold growing on the roof, and wax helps to prevent that from happening!

Another benefit of waxing your RV roof is that some waxes may contain some sort of UV protection. It is always good to keep things from getting damaged from the sun’s harmful rays, and your RV’s roof is no exception! A lot of polishes, which can differ from waxes, can also provide protection from UV rays!

How Often To Wax?

Determining how often to wax your RV’s roof has a couple different factors, such as how old the RV is, what shape it is in, and what kind of waxes and cleaners you use. Typically, it is good practice to wax your RV at least two times per year, if not more. It can be a big, cumbersome chore so it’s understandable that you won’t want to do it all the time! Instead of having to buff all the wax by hand, you can use an electric orbital buffer to speed up the process!

It might be a taxing chore, but there are several great benefits of waxing your RV roof! Although it is a good idea to wash your RV regularly, it’ll be a lot easier if you’ve waxed it! What other benefits do you love about waxing your RV roof? Leave a comment and let us know!

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