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Beach Camping: Preventing Sand Inside Your RV

Beach camping can be a lot of fun, but the sand that accompanies it is anything but. It's one thing to feel the sand between your toes when strolling down the shoreline, but you don't want to step up inside your RV and feel that same familiar grit of sand in your living space! Preventing sand inside your RV while beach camping can be a challenge, but there are some steps you can take to dramatically reduce the amount of dirt that makes it through your door.

How To Avoid Tracking Sand In

  • Fill a dishpan up with water (you can use water from the beach or reuse rain water) and keep it by the door of your RV. Lay a towel down near it as well. Then when you want to go inside, just dip your feet in to get the sand off, and dry your feet on the towel before heading indoors. Similarly, you can also set a watering can by the door instead of the dishpan to conveniently wash your feet clean.

  • When you're coated with salt or caked with sand, sometimes it's nice to rinse off before retreating into the RV. Solar showers allow you to easily wash the sand from your skin without using too much of your fresh water supply. It also stops you from having to trek through your RV to the shower covered in shedding beach grime.

  • Place a door mat or grated folding step at the door of your RV and always take your shoes off before you go inside! CGear makes a line of sand-free MultiMats and rugs designed for RVers with an inclination for beach camping, and one of these would definitely make a great addition to your outdoor gear.

  • Baby powder is the arch nemesis of stuck-on sand. It removes moisture from your skin so sand easily falls off. Keep some handy in your RV as it can even be used to remove sand from the scalps of sun-kissed campers so everybody can enter the RV as sand-free as possible!

How To Get The Sand Out

  • If you're planning on beach camping, a broom is a must-have to bring along. A hand brush can not only be used to clear dirt from your feet before entering the RV, but it can also be used to conveniently sweep out whatever dirt finds its way inside. You'll want to keep up on casual sweeping throughout your stay so that the build-up of sand never gets too overwhelming.

  • Shake your rugs off outside periodically. If you have fixed carpeting in your RV, it's a good idea to bring along a vacuum as well. Some RVs come with a central vacuum system, like this DVR Suites Full House, which makes sucking up the sand a whole lot easier. You can install one of these as an aftermarket system to make getting the sand out of your RV easier than ever! Cordless, handheld, and telescopic handled vacuums all make great alternatives, and they can be found in compact yet powerful designs perfect for small space living!

The best way to prevent sand from getting inside your RV is by taking the steps to keep it outside, where it belongs! But because it will be impossible to completely eradicate your rig of small sandy infiltrators, you'll also want to be prepared with the proper tools to get that sand out once it's in! Have any other tips on preventing sand inside the RV while beach camping? Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear your ideas!

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