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10 No-Prep Campfire Games to Enjoy

Campfires are hubs for good, old-fashioned, organic fun! Gathering together around the ambiance-setting orange glow can put everyone in the mood for a little bit of creative entertainment. And you don’t need a ton of preparation and set-up to have a ton of fun and laughter. Try out these 10 no-prep campfire games to enjoy during your next camping trip and have all the same enjoyment without the hassle of having to pack and prepare!

Winking Assassin

During a dusky evening around the campfire, add a little mystery with this game and you’ll get a whole lot of excitement in return. To play, put a piece of paper into a hat corresponding to the number of people playing. Put a big dot on only one of the pieces and leave the rest blank. The player who randomly selects the paper with the dot becomes the assassin. The assassin will “kill” other players by secretly winking at them. If you get winked at, you must publicly act out your death without revealing who the killer was. The game continues until someone figures out who the assassin is, or until every player has been “killed,” leaving the assassin as the victor.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is an ideal icebreaker and it works best with groups who don’t know every detail about one another’s lives. As the title indicates, this game works by creating three statements about yourself, with two of those statements being true and the other being a complete lie. To play, reveal your three statements and have the group try to decipher which ones they believe are true, and which one they think is a lie. For each player who is fooled into the lie, the confessing player gets a point. For every player who guesses the lie correctly, they get a point. Once everyone has participated, add up the points earned and figure out who wins at being the best liar!

Story Add-Ons

For a creative way to bond and entertain one another, make up a collaborative story together. Simply start by having one person say a sentence followed by another player adding onto that sentence, and so on. The piecemeal story can be funny, silly, scary, or spooky. Campers of all ages can contribute and participate in this game, which continues until the players decide how the story ends.

Hot Seat

As another great game for campers of all ages, hot seat is great for a mixed group. To play, have one person sit in the ‘hot seat’ while the rest sit in a row across from them. Players write a funny, odd, or silly word on a piece of paper and hold it up so that all the players, except the one in the hot seat, can read it. The group then gives the hot seat player clues and hints to help them guess the selected word. If the hot seat player gets the word after each member of the group gives their hints, then the hot seat player remains safe. If they don’t guess the word however, the group gets to come up with a funny punishment like singing a song or doing a silly dance.

Improv Stories

Designed for the creatively inclined, this game can be a great way to challenge your story-telling abilities. First, you must select a designated narrator. If more than one person wants to be the narrator, just take turns. To begin, have the group come up with a character or a place. Then, the narrator must take these details and craft a story around them. While this game is simple, it can be a lot of fun if you have a talented storyteller in the group!

Noah’s Ark

You can play this alphabet-inspired game with any number of players. To play, the first camper says “I’m going to Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two ...” then finishes the sentence with an animal that begins with the letter “A”, for example antelope. The camper to the right then repeats, “I’m going to Noah’s Ark and I’m bringing two antelope and two …” calling out an animal that begins with the letter “B”, for example bluebird. Players go around the circle following the alphabet’s letters and remembering the corresponding animals called out by previous players. If a player cannot remember all the right animals, they are eliminated. The game continues until all players are eliminated or until the remaining players work their way through the entire alphabet.

Twenty Questions

Put your detective hat on and use the limited number of questions you have wisely when you play this fun and easy no-prep campfire game. The directions are simple. Have one player come up with something, it can be anything (person, place, animal, object, etc.), but make sure they keep it to themselves. The rest of the group tries to guess what the player is thinking of by asking them a series of twenty questions which require a yes or no response. If the group doesn’t figure out what the player is thinking of in under twenty questions, they lose.


Bring this classic playground game to the campground for some easy entertainment and tons of laughs. This game is very conducive to gathering around a campfire as it works best if players are seated in a circle. To start, have one player come up with a short message and have them whisper it into the ear of the player next to them. This player then repeats the message they heard to the person sitting next to them, and so on. As the message is passed, it may get skewed or be changed entirely. When the message gets around the circle correctly, you get the thrill of passing it along successfully. When the message gets blurred, you get the hilariousness of hearing what went wrong!

Name That Tune

Some people have an ear for music while others are completely tone deaf. The good news? Everyone of all skill levels can play Name That Tune! Separate into two teams. Have players from one team quietly give a song title to a member of the opposing team. For the sake of play, don’t pick obscure songs that nobody in the group is able to reference. The player who is given the song will then try to hum, whistle, or make any sort of noise to get their group to guess the song (without singing the lyrics). If the group guesses successfully, they get a point. The group with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Chubby Bunny

This simple yet hilarious game blends the fun of the campfire with the sugary taste of those delicious marshmallows, but be warned, this game can get messy! To play, have each participating player take turns putting one marshmallow into their mouth and saying the words “Chubby bunny.” If they can say the words, they stay in the game to continue adding more marshmallows. If they cannot say the words, they are eliminated. The process continues with players adding additional marshmallows into their mouths and saying, “Chubby bunny.” See how many marshmallows you max out at, but be cautious, this game can be a choking hazard if played without proper supervision!

You don’t need a ton of preparation and set-up to have a good time around the campfire. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity and a fun group of players! For more fun camping activities, have a blast with these flashlight games! What are some of your most favorite no-prep games to play while gathered around the campfire? Let us know in the comments!

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