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10 Clever Ways To Use Clothespins While Camping

Clothespins have a variety of uses around the home, but they can be just as useful to make your life easier while camping! The great thing about clothespins is that they are very cheap, and have many handy uses! Here are some neat ideas to help keep your camping trips simple and organized!

10 Clever Ways To Use Clothespins While Camping

1. Hang Up Clothes On A Clothesline

This is a pretty conventional use for clothespins, but it is very effective! String a clothesline between two sturdy trees, and use clothespins to hang up bathing suits, towels, and any other wet clothing!

2. Holding A Tablecloth To A Picnic Table

Use clothespins to secure your tablecloth to the picnic table at your campsite! This will prevent the wind from blowing your tablecloth off the table and potentially dumping your food or other items on the ground!

3. RV Rain Gutter Extensions

Clip a clothespin on both ends of your rain gutter to help keep water from dripping down the side of your RV!

4. Temporary Fix For A Broken Zipper

If you’ve ever had a zipper break on your tent or pop-up camper, you know how inconvenient it can be to have your door or window flapping in the breeze! Use clothespins to close up the seam with the broken zipper to keep bugs and small animals out of your space!

5. Lighting Matches

Use a clothespin to light a match and avoid burning your fingers! It provides a little extra room to keep your fingers from coming into contact with flames while you light a campfire, a camp stove, citronella candles, and more!

6. Food Bag Clips

Instead of spending money on chip bag clips, use clothespins to close your open bags of food! They’ll keep your food just as fresh, and are a fraction of the price!

7. Clip Novelty Lights To Your Awning

Decorate your RV awning with fun novelty lights by using clothespins to secure the strand! It’ll give your RV a touch of fun, and they’ll be super easy to take down as well!

8. Cabinet Hooks

Use double sided tape or foam strips to secure a clothespin to the inside of your RV cabinet doors to store towels, potholders, and any other light accessories!

9. Cord Management

Use clothespins to gather up long lengths of excess electronic cords. This will keep them from tangling together and frustrating you! You could even label them to keep track of what each cord belongs to in order to make unplugging appliances easier!

10. Refrigerator Magnets

Glue a small magnet to one side of a clothespin to turn it into a handy clip magnet! This way you can stick it to any metal surface and keep track of your camp paperwork and anything else you need to keep organized!

We hope that you have found these 10 clever ways to use clothespins while camping useful, and that they will help streamline your camping trip so you can have more time for fun! Have any other neat ideas for using clothes pins while camping? Leave us a comment!

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